Statistics FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Blubrry Media Statistics.

Q: Does Blubrry Statistics count streaming plays from embedded players on my website?
A: Yes. Downloading and streaming are terms that have evolved over time. It’s a common misunderstanding that podcast audio playing in an embedded media player  is “streaming,” but it’s actually being downloaded in chunks, commonly referred to as a progressive download. The Blubrry Stats system identifies these types of downloads, and accurately counts them as a single download, instead of multiple downloads.

Q: Can Blubrry Statistics track how long someone listens or watches my podcast?
A: Blubrry’s Advanced Statistics service does provide limited playback data.

Q: Can I use both FeedBurner and Blubrry to provide podcast statistics?
A: Yes, you can use Blubrry Statistics with FeedBurner without any problems.

Q: How often do Blubrry Stats update?
A: All Blubrry Stats services automatically update every six hours starting at approximately 1AM Eastern Time every day. Standard Stats users have the option to manually refresh their stats in between these automatic update periods.