Statistics FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Blubrry Media Statistics.

Question: Does Blubrry Statistics count streaming plays from my website?
Answer: Yes

Downloading and streaming are terms that have evolved over the years. Many folks believe that audio playing in a Web page must be “streaming”, but in actually it is a normal HTTP download. There is some magic going on to download sections of the file, but Blubrry Statistics will count it as one download.

The only exception is if you are “live streaming” content using Flash or comparable servers. If you are streaming in this way, then your application that handles the streams will provide specific streaming metrics. For prerecorded content such as podcasting, live streaming is just not necessary and costly.

Question: Can Blubrry Statistics track how long someone listens or watches my podcast?
Answer: No

Blubrry Statistics cannot track how long somebody plays a podcast file. In fact, there is, currently, no way to track if the file has been played at all on devices such as iPods, iPhones or Android devices. Even if there were a way to do so, it would bring up privacy concerns.

Question: What happens if someone downloads but never watches/listens to my podcast?

We constantly monitor the system for odd downloading behavior both with specific applications/clients and podcast programs. Our proprietary algorithms are regularly refined to factor out erroneous downloads.

In addition, the industry has various methods in place to prevent such activity. Specifically, iTunes will stop downloading episodes for a subscribed podcast program if the last 3 episodes downloaded are never played. It is important to note that typically 65-85% of your audience will come from iTunes. In addition, mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) further limit this possibility by requiring the user to interact with the app to download new episodes. Downloads from web browsers are almost always streamed directly to a player, which are played by default. Unless you see a specific spike in downloads from a particular client or application, you can rest assured that most of your downloaded media will be played.

Question: Can I use both Feedburner and Blubrry to provide podcast statistics?
Answer. YES / See Note

You may use Blubrry Statistics with Feedburner without any problems. With Blubrry statistics, you use your issued redirect in all of your media URLs found on both your blog website and in your original feed. Your original feed will then be processed by Feedburner, where they add their redirect for counting downloads. Keep in mind that Feedburner only counts feed impressions whereas Blubrry Statistics will count downloads from both your feed and on your blog website. Note: Feedburner is not needed to Podcast!

Can I use FeedBlitz or FeedBurner to email subscribers my podcasts?

We currently do not recommend you use FeedBlitz or FeedBurner for your podcast

What is the difference between Total and Unique downloads?
Answer: Total is the total number of times the file is downloaded or played.

Unique is how many unique IP addresses downloaded or played.  If you download a podcast on your laptop, desktop and phone using the same Internet connection, statistics may report 3 total downloads but only 1 unique download.

Totals take into consideration many factors to determine if downloads and plays should be counted. The example above may or may not actually result in 3 total downloads taking into consideration the source of the IP address. For example, a corporate office or university dorm network may be reported as multiple downloads/plays while in most cases IP addresses identified as a home residence may only report one download.