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Enable PowerPress Media Players and Links

This is turned on by default. Select this option if you would like your selected player to display with the links beneath it.

Disable PowerPress Media Players and Links

Select this option if you would like to disable it; your media file will then only be available in your RSS feed unless you manually put a player or link into the post.


When configured to Match Feed Name to Page/Category, is matched to the page/category named ‘podcast.’ Otherwise, the site will use the WordPress default behavior.

Episode Box Appearance

Check this box to display all episode settings before the media is verified.

This setting should only be enabled by very experienced PowerPress users. If this is selected, you risk losing all your entered data if you try to publish an episode that has no media attached.

Blog Posts and Pages

Display Media and Links

In this section, you can place your player and links above or below, or disable them and put them in manually using the PowerPress shortcode.

Player Settings

Decide whether you’d like to display your player and links in excerpts, hide the player and links altogether. There is also a setting to put the Media Player and links in the WordPress Excerpts.

Display Player

Detected mobile and tablet devices use an HTML5 player with a fallback link to download the media.

Media Links

Display Play in New Window Link

Opens the media file in a new window or tab to be played even if a user should leave your website. They would need to return to your website to play additional content.

Display Download Link

Links directly to your media file. Depending on browser settings, users may have to right-click (or command click) to download the file. You can include file size and duration of the file with additional options.

Display Player Embed Link

This allows users to embed your media player into their own websites.

Subscribe Links Under Player

Enable or disable the subscribe links such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Android, email and RSS, displayed below the player and media links. These can be managed in the Destinations settings.

Subscribe Page

Add a link to a page on your site explaining to your audience how to subscribe to your podcast. The drop-down allows you to choose a pre-existing page on your website or you can create a new subscription page using a template provided by PowerPress.

Subscribe Widget

Select the styling options and change the appearance of the subscribe buttons used on your subscribe page. We provide two different style and shape options, and there are options available for custom styling via CSS. The widget can be found in your widgets area of WordPress.  Its called “Subscribe to Podcast.”

PowerPress Shortcodes

This section explains how to use the shortcodes available from PowerPress. More information is provided within PowerPress itself on how to implement each of these shortcodes, but you can use the links below for additional documentation.

Having Issues?

Use this option if you are having problems with the players not appearing on some or all of your pages. Some plugins and themes can conflict with PowerPress and using this tool may be helpful. If you still find yourself having issues, refer to this document for more information see this page.

Play In New Window

With this section, you can specify a custom width and height of the window your content plays in if a listener clicks the Play In New Window link. By default, PowerPress adds to the width and height above to compensate for possible vertical and horizontal scroll bars. There is an option to ignore scroll bars if you do not want PowerPress to compensate for browser scroll bars.