Program Shortcode

Programs: The podcasts – the show as a whole, not a specific episode. Each program can have its own page on the site, where episodes are listed and you can include info about the show, subscribe links, artwork, etc.

This displays a specific program (podcast) in the network. The only required attribute is the ID that correlates to that program. The Network Plugin will automatically fill in the program ID for you, but only when creating the pages inside the Admin panel.

[ppn-program id =<program id here> style=<style-here> ssb-style=<modern|classic>ssb-shape=<circle|square>]

Not sure what this means? Your program, the ID, is styled to be displayed, as a circle.

(example image)

Style Examples:

  • Older-full (outdated, do not use this)
  • Full: show artwork, description, subscribe buttons, and episodes
  • Playlist: episodes only
  • Description: description only
  • Artwork: artwork only
  • Ssb-style (subscribe button style, full only, optional): Modern, white buttons, ripple effect or classic, colored buttons with white icons
  • Ssb-shape (subscribe button share, full only, optional: Circle or square