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Included with all podcast hosting plans

WordPress Site included with Podcast Hosting!

Establish Your Podcast’s Online Presence

A crucial element in building your podcast’s brand is having a dedicated website on your domain. Blubrry provides all hosting customers with a free managed WordPress website to host your podcast on your website, reinforcing the podcasting 101 principles of owning your digital real estate.

Your podcast website is the go-to destination for your audience to discover the latest episodes and learn more about your show. A professional-looking website enhances your podcast’s brand image and credibility.

No Experience Necessary

You don’t have to be familiar with designing or maintaining a website to utilize our free WordPress sites. Blubrry makes it easy for you to create and publish your podcast episodes on your own WordPress site.

Apply your branding and select your color scheme to podcast-optimized templates. We handle the backend responsibilities, such as backing it up daily, hosting your website, updating plugins, managing security, and ensuring functions run smoothly

The Complete Podcast Package

Everything you’ll need to easily create a podcast site

Podcast Hosting

  • Publish and distribute your podcast to all major platforms and players
  • Free migration and tech support
  • Standard Statistics incl. with hosting
  • Blubrry Audio Player

PowerPress Plugin

  • Control your brand and build home for your podcast
  • The most trusted podcast plugin since 2008
  • Free to all podcasters
  • Publish in minutes!


  • Watch your listeners grow through podcast analytics!
  • With Blubrry, you know your numbers are accurate
  • Where are your listeners located?
  • What platforms are they using?


The Standard plan allows users to create a branded, mobile-ready podcast website where you can blog with a podcast-optimized theme and use essential plugins, all with our quick start tools. The introduction of widgets and embeds for all hosting plans transforms your podcast website into an interactive hub for your audience. 


An Advanced site is for podcasters who may want to map their own domain and those wanting enhanced Search Engine Optimization / Discovery with an SSL certificate. It includes popular plugins, access to our widgets and embeds, and multiple site templates, as well as a variety of themes to choose from.

Plan Breakdowns


Managed WordPress website
SSL Certificate
Daily backups
Domain Mapping
DNS management
PluginsEssentialsMost Popular
ThemesPowerPress Theme5+ Themes
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Quick and Easy Setup

Built on 15 years of experience in podcasting, Blubrry’s technologies have been refined to deliver a well-rounded online listener and podcaster experience. Whether you are starting your podcast or migrating from a different company with hundreds of episodes, our service combinations provide a customized fit for any podcaster.

How to Set Up Your Site

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a website template?

A customizable podcast website serves as a centralized hub for a podcaster’s content, offering a platform where listeners can access episodes, learn more about the show and its creators, and engage with supplementary materials like episode transcripts, guest bios, and exclusive content. It plays a crucial role in establishing and reinforcing the podcaster’s brand, providing a unique space to showcase their distinct voice, theme, and values distinct from crowded podcast directories. Beyond mere distribution, a dedicated website enhances discoverability through SEO, facilitates direct listener engagement via comments or newsletters, and opens avenues for monetization through merchandise sales, sponsorships, and listener donations. In essence, a podcast website amplifies the reach and impact of a podcast and strengthens the connection between creators and their audience, laying a foundational pillar for long-term growth and success in the digital content landscape.

How can a website help with my podcast's discoverability?

A well-optimized website can improve your podcast’s visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential listeners to find your content.

What is a website theme?

A podcast theme refers to the overarching subject matter or concept that unifies the podcast’s episodes, providing a consistent framework for content creation. It serves as a guiding beacon for both the creators and the audience, dictating the tone, style, and direction of the podcast. The importance of a well-defined theme cannot be overstated—it not only helps in attracting a targeted audience with specific interests but also aids in building a loyal community of listeners who resonate with the podcast’s content. By establishing a clear theme, podcasters can streamline their content production process, ensure coherence across episodes, and differentiate their show in a crowded marketplace. Furthermore, a compelling theme enhances the podcast’s branding efforts, making it more memorable and recognizable to listeners and potential sponsors alike. In essence, the theme is vital for maintaining relevance, engagement, and consistency, laying the foundation for a podcast’s identity and success.

Can't I just use social media and podcast platforms for promotion?

While social media and podcast platforms are essential for promotion, a website offers a branded space that you control, providing more flexibility in content presentation and monetization.

What should I include on my podcast website?

Include episode archives, about and contact pages, a blog for related content, listener subscription options, and links to your podcast on various platforms.

Is it difficult to set up and maintain a podcast website?

With platforms like WordPress, setting up a website has become more accessible. These platforms offer podcast-specific themes and tools that simplify website management.

How does a website facilitate listener engagement?

A website allows for direct listener interaction through comments, feedback forms, and newsletter sign-ups, fostering a stronger community around your podcast.

Who actually owns my website?

Owning your podcast’s brand and maintaining control over it, regardless of the hosting platform, is crucial for ensuring creative freedom, fostering audience loyalty, and securing the long-term viability and profitability of your content. If a Blubrry WordPress website user one day chooses to leave Blubrry, they can export their site data and settings (URL included) with them and do with their domain as they please.  Advanced plan users can map their own domain.