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A modern, private podcast solution for announcements, training, speakers, interviews, educators, and exclusive or bonus content. Exclusive content for audiences just got better. Private Podcasting offers all the benefits of Professional Hosting and includes Vid2Pod video-to-podcast conversion service and, with the Thrive Bundle add-on, Blubrry’s Podcast AI Assistant, Blubrry PAI.

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Private Communication and Security, Made Simple

Podcasts are a perfect medium for private content. When content is intended for only certain audiences, that means it’s not meant for anyone else. That’s why Blubrry focuses intently on security with our Private Internal Podcasting services. Blubrry provides various security layers to ensure your media is protected. Implementing your desired security level is easy on your end; we take care of the hard stuff.

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  • Fast, easy and inexpensive
  • Private podcast feeds with authentication via third-party apps
  • When moderate security is sufficient


  • Extra layers of security to help protect confidential information
  • User group management
  • Secure your internal communications at an affordable price


  • Your security requirements will drive personalized services
  • We’ll walk you through the options for a customized plan suited to your needs
  • The highest security possible

Plan Breakdowns


FeaturesSimple PlanStandard PlanEnterprise Plan


Per Month



Per Month



For Price


Shows Included111
Additional Show$50/month$100/month$100/month
Users Included100250500
Additional Users

$25 per 50/month

$40 per 100/month

$30 per 100/month

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Audio Bandwidth
Video Bandwidth Per GB$0.01$0.01$0.01
Statistics: Advanced
Private Podcast Feed with
Authentication (SSO not supported)*
Signed media URL authentication
Blubrry Private Podcasting Web App
Blubrry Private Podcasting
Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
Simple Authentication
User Management
Branded web application
SSO Supported, OAuth2, SAML
User Group Management
Mobile app only for added
Streamable only, media never stored on the device
(mobile app only)
Stored media encrypted in transit and at rest
(branded mobile app only)
Branded mobile application iOS/Android
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Business and Organizations

Consider these Private Internal Podcasting use cases:

  • Executive announcements and updates: C-suite messaging, company announcements and other organizational briefings.
  • Corporate Training and Internal Communications: Companies may use private podcasting to provide training to employees in a convenient, engaging format that can be accessed on-demand. It allows for internal communications, updates, and training materials not meant for public consumption.
  • Educational Institutions for Specialized Courses: Schools and universities could utilize private podcasts for delivering lectures and supplemental materials for specialized or advanced courses. This can be particularly useful for courses with sensitive content or where student privacy needs to be maintained.
  • Family Oral Histories and Stories: Families might be interested in creating private podcasts to record and share oral histories, family stories, or updates within a large, dispersed family network, preserving personal histories in an easily accessible format for future generations.
  • Healthcare Communication: Private podcasting can be used by healthcare providers to share sensitive and personalized health advice, updates, and information with patients, ensuring privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Exclusive Clubs or Hobby Groups: Clubs or groups dedicated to specific hobbies or interests (such as rare book collecting, wine tasting, or experimental cooking) might use private podcasts to share insights, organize events, or discuss niche topics within a controlled and private community.
  • Sales enablement: Keep your salesforce engaged and enabled when you can’t meet in person.
  • No meeting notes: Easily record meetings so anyone who wants to review meeting content can return to the podcast.
  • Bonus content: Your top audience members can access special episodes.

Read our White Paper on Private Podcasting.

Private Podcast Feed

Independent Podcasters

Private Internal Podcasting fulfills your needs with a convenient group management interface.

  • Premium or bonus content: Indie podcasters often need a way to distribute their exclusive content to select audiences.

  • Audience management: Easily create and select groups to receive your exclusive content with Blubrry podcast hosting.

  • If you feel that Private Podcasting is more than you’re looking for, consider our Premium Podcasting hosting option, which focuses on listeners paying for exclusive or ad-free episodes.
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Secure Access from Anywhere

Private Internal Podcasting available on any device

Progressive Web Application

The same experience as our mobile app, but available on your desktop.A great way for teams that want to move forward with audio and video communications, but keep it strictly in-house (aka the office or the virtual office). Get peace of mind knowing that your information isn’t traveling outside of the office.

Mobile App Available

An easy, reliable way for team members to catch up while on-the-go, companies & organizations are provided with a secure app available on phones and tablets (iOS and Android). The most secure option for private internal podcasts.

Convenient Management

User Group Management: Organize user groups (teams), based on intended audience (shows intended for each user group). Create and delete user groups. Add, edit or delete users within a user group.

Personalize the Apps: Brand the progressive web app and mobile apps with your logo.

Security Decisions: Set the desired level of security for each podcast. Choose your security options and user groups for each show.

Integration: With your existing OAuth2 or SAML identity provider so that team members can use their regular credentials. Migrate episodes from other podcast hosting companies. Embed new and past episodes onto your existing website.

Secure Podcast Hosting

Podcast Statistics for the Team

Podcast Statistics are analytics that shed light on how your audience is consuming your message. Statistics provide critical insight that can lead to improvements and refinements to your podcast episodes moving forward. That’s why Blubrry offers Professional and Advanced Podcast Statistics.

Professional Stats:

  • Audience information includes full downloads, geography, date/time, platforms and players, devices and more.
  • Consumable data, trending graphs, easily exports.

Advanced Stats:

  • Are you keeping your audience’s attention and retaining listeners throughout your episode?
  • Play- and partial-download data provide insight into how much of the episode was heard.
  • Individual team member tracking will be available soon. Check our blog for updates.
IAB Certification

Private Internal Podcasting Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my company need private podcasting?

Podcasts aren’t just for organizations with remote members. Creating a private podcast for your business is ideal for many types of internal communications.

Other communication vehicles have shortcomings that podcasts help overcome:

  • Written communications via email and intranet have low readership
  • In-person and virtual live meetings are missed by those not in attendance, and so is the information shared
  • On-demand video, while more engaging than the written word, requires more time, cost and production expertise

In contrast, podcasts are:

  • Engaging and personable
  • Inexpensive to produce 
  • Consumable on-demand
  • Measurable
  • Perfect for C-suite messaging
  • Ideal as a training medium

My company doesn’t have remote workers, do we need Private Internal Podcasting?

In-person and virtual meetings have their place. But what happens after the meeting? Was the information shared in the live meeting captured somewhere so that participants can revisit it later? What about team members who weren’t able to attend?

What platforms and devices can be used to listen to podcasts?

Blubrry Private Internal Podcasting offers both a mobile and web application. So whether in the office or on the go, your audience can listen on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV.  This is the flexibility you’re looking for to maximize the consumption of your message when, where and how it is convenient for your team members.

Why is it important to have high security for my internal communications?

How important security is depends on the type of information you plan to share internally. Is the information confidential to only certain people within your organization? Does the information include trade secrets, intellectual property or other information that may be valuable to your competition? If the information were forwarded to an unidentified third party, would it matter if it were consumable? Answers to these questions will help you to determine the level of security needed for your internal communications.  Blubrry has multiple security options that can vary based on the specific information shared.

What security features does Blubrry offer?

  • All private podcast media is NOT publicly accessible.
  • Users are authenticated with encryption to Blubrry’s servers.
  • Media URLs are signed using timestamps that are changed every 24 hours.
  • Media files stored in the mobile app can be saved encrypted at rest.
  • Media can be made available mobile only, never stored on device.

What customized features does Blubrry offer?

  • Some organizations want custom services and terms of use. The Enterprise plan can accommodate custom requests.
  • Various security options based on the specific information to be shared
  • Upload your logo to brand the web and mobile applications

Is this communications solution mostly for very large organizations?

Companies and organizations of all sizes want engaging, convenient and cost-effective communications that their team members will actually consume. Since podcasting is surprisingly affordable, even small organizations can gain the benefits of podcasts.

Why aren’t all companies using podcasting for internal communications?

Podcasting started in 2004 and has grown in popularity primarily for entertainment purposes. With added security layers, organizations and companies of all sizes are discovering podcasting for internal communications and training purposes. Team members like it because they can listen on the go.

Are internal podcasts mostly for companies to communicate with employees?

Organizations of any type can benefit from this communications medium. Nonprofits, clubs, churches, sports organizations, educators, trainers and more have all used podcasting as an internal communications tool.  Their members like it too, since podcasts are more engaging than reading and more convenient to consume on the go.

About Private Podcasting

Lock and key symbolPrivate podcast hosting is an essential service for creators looking to distribute their content exclusively to a select audience. And Blubrry Podcasting offers top-level security with its Private Podcasting plans. This unique approach enables businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations to control access and effectively communicate with their members. There are many advantages to private podcast hosting and you must take advantage of the best private podcast platform available in the market.

The trusted private podcasting solution is Blubrry’s Private  Podcasting, which provides secure distribution channels for podcasts that are not meant to be publicly accessible. Organizations often use this method to share sensitive information or restricted content with specific groups or individuals. By using robust encryption technology and password protection, Private Podcasting ensures secure delivery of your content without risking unauthorized access.

Why is Blubrry the best private podcast hosting platform?

Various factors come into play. These include ease of use, cost-effectiveness, storage capacity, analytical tools, security features, and customer support.

Blubrry is a trusted name in private podcasting host services and has built a solid reputation throughout the industry as an innovator in this realm. It offers a range of features specifically designed for private podcasts, such as customizable iOS and Android apps and PWA options. Additionally, users can seamlessly integrate Blubrry with popular platforms like WordPress through its PowerPress plugin.

Apart from being user-friendly, Blubrry understands the importance of data privacy and copyright protection, which is why it offers advanced security measures for your content. These include simple authentication, but are not limited, to authentication access via SSO, Oauth and SAML access, signed encrypted media file URLs. Importantly, Blubrry’s team of experts continuously works on improving the security framework to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity environment.

Supportive resources are crucial when it comes to choosing a hosting platform for your podcasts; you want someone who will be there every step of the way if any issues arise. Blubrry offers exceptional customer support services to its users, from comprehensive tutorials and FAQs to dedicated email and phone assistance.

When considering the best private podcast hosting option for your organization’s podcasts, Blubrry is the frontrunner. With its wide range of features tailored specifically for secure internal podcasting, top-notch security measures and reliable customer support, you can be confident in choosing Blubrry to host your exclusive content.

Private Podcasting Benefits

One particular podcasting trend stands out in the podcast revolution: private podcasting. Private podcasting benefits both content creators and listeners by providing a range of advantages that traditional public podcasts simply cannot match.

A key benefit of private podcasting is the ability to deliver exclusive content to a select audience. With an ever-growing number of public podcasts available for free, it can be hard for creators to stand out and retain the attention of their audience. By offering exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes insights, interviews, or additional episodes only available through subscription, private podcasters can foster a loyal listener base where they are part of an exclusive community.

In addition to exclusive content, private podcasts also offer opportunities for educational institutions and businesses to share lectures or employee training material in a secure and convenient format. This allows members to access pertinent information at their own pace while maintaining confidentiality – something that would be impossible if these sessions were shared publicly. As a result, organizations can effectively use private podcasting as a tool for internal communication without worrying about breaches of privacy.

With an increasing number of people willing to pay for premium content, private podcasting presents an excellent avenue for creators to monetize their offerings. Blubrry has launched a Premium Podcasting option where listeners/viewers pay a monthly or annual fee to gain access to exclusive or bonus content, ad-free consumption, early access and more. 

By charging a fee for access to bonus content or extra episodes, podcasters can generate revenue while cultivating a dedicated listener base invested in the show’s success. Furthermore, this model offers a unique way to gauge listener interest and gather feedback on which topics resonate most with the audience.

Podcast digital collaborationPrivate podcasting helps foster deep connections between creators and listeners through subscriber-exclusive events or interactions. For example, many creators offer live Q&A sessions or virtual meet-and-greets exclusively for subscribers — a perk that may incentivize casual listeners to subscribe to the podcast. These interactions can strengthen the bond between podcasters and their audience, ensuring a loyal listenership that will continue to engage with and support future content.

Emerging as the industry standard for private podcasting, Blubrry provides podcasters with a multitude of tools and resources needed to create secure, subscriber-centric audio experiences. Separately, the PowerPress plugin that integrates features like password protection, easy integration with membership platforms, and comprehensive analytics, Blubrry allows creators to focus on what they do best – crafting compelling content – while ensuring that it is accessible only to those who have made an active choice to engage with it. Two solutions from one company to best serve you.

Blubrry’s Private Podcasting solution allows the client to set the security level of the content to be delivered with four levels of security that are explained in detail by the team. A bank’s security needs will likely be higher than someone who is just looking to share company communications or training. Not all private podcasting solutions are built the same and it’s incumbent of the purchasers to ask detailed questions about the security of the solution. 

Private podcasting benefits both creators and listeners by offering exclusive content, facilitating educational lectures or employee training sessions in a secure environment, enabling monetization opportunities through premium subscriptions, and fostering stronger connections between podcasters and their audiences. By enlisting the services of industry leader Blubrry for your private podcast needs, you can provide an unparalleled listening experience that keeps subscribers engaged and coming back for more.

Private Podcast Hosting Plans

Private podcast hosting plans have become an essential business solution for organizations looking to streamline their communication and ensure that their employees stay engaged, informed, and up-to-date on the latest company news. These private platforms allow companies to conveniently share audio content with a select audience while maintaining full control over access and privacy.

One of the most striking features of private podcast hosting services is cost efficiency. Blubrry plans start at $150 a month, making it an accessible and affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Investing in such a platform can yield significant returns in terms of employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction with internal communication efforts.

There are various types of private podcast hosting plans available to cater to the diverse needs of different organizations. Simple, standard, and enterprise plans are offered by Blubrry Podcasting. Each plan comes with its unique set of features designed to meet your organizational requirements.

Simple plans are typically ideal for small businesses or startups looking for a basic level of service without any additional frills. Standard plans offer more advanced features such as Oauth, SSO, Saml access control, custom branding options, and integration opportunities with other tools like learning management systems (LMS). Enterprise plans cater specifically to large corporations requiring higher levels of security, scalability, customization options, and even dedicated mobile apps.

Overall private podcast hosting plans play a pivotal role in transforming organizational communication by offering cost-efficient solutions that cater specifically to businesses’ individual needs. With various pricing models starting at as low as $150 a month and ranging from simple to enterprise-level offerings alongside tailor-made business solutions, there’s an option available for every organization seeking improved internal communication through innovative audio content delivery methods.

How to Create a Private Podcast

Private Internal Podcasting Icon
Private Internal Podcasting Icon

Creating a private podcast is an excellent way to share exclusive content with your dedicated audience or deliver internal communications within your organization. It is essential to ensure that the podcast remains secure and accessible only to those who have been granted access. Easy to implement, creating a private podcast is no different than creating a public podcast  – the only thing that changes is that access to the content after publishing is locked down exclusively to authorized listeners.

To begin with, you need a reliable podcast hosting platform that offers advanced privacy settings. Blubrry is the premier platform that provides users with multiple layers of security to protect private podcasts. By choosing a robust host such as Blubrry, you can be confident that your content remains safe and restricted to authorized listeners.

When setting up your private podcast on Blubrry, it’s essential to customize the appropriate podcast settings for enhanced privacy. The Blubrry team can help you select the appropriate security level so that only those with the correct login credentials can access it via the access point of your choosing. Additionally, you can adjust the visibility so that only select groups can access the content within your organization.

One crucial aspect of private podcasting security involves regularly reviewing and updating the list of authorized listeners. Those employing Secure Sign On (SSO) can control access via internal processes.  Be diligent in granting access only to individuals who should have permission to listen to the content. Also, revoke access when necessary, such as when someone leaves your organization or stops subscribing to premium membership tiers.

Creating a private podcast involves selecting a reliable host such as Blubrry and configuring various settings for optimal privacy protection. Easy instructions provided by your hosting platform can guide you through each step along the way. Always keep in mind the importance of maintaining strong security measures throughout every stage of managing your private content – after all, securing your exclusive material is vital for retaining trust in listeners and subscribers alike.