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With comprehensive publishing tools and industry leading analytics, Blubrry provides a complete podcast hosting solution for all creators. Podcast hosting that helps you reach a global audience.

Trusted by over 100,000 podcasters globally.

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Podcast Hosting Plans

Enjoy unlimited downloads and bandwidth, including an optional free website, IAB-certified podcast statistics, host multiple podcasts under one account, add team members, publish premium episodes, generate a podcast media kit, and much more. Standard, Advanced and Professional Hosting plans are available.

With these tools, you’re not just broadcasting; you’re engaging, understanding, and growing your community with every episode. With our unparalleled customer support, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that assistance is just an email or phone call away.

Standard Plan

$10 /MO

Billed annually or $12 monthly

  • 125MB monthly storage
  • Additional storage available
  • Standard Statistics
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Use your own Domain
  • Monetize with Programmatic
  • Phone & email tech support
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Custom embed player
  • Free WordPress Site
  • Additional themes & plugins
  • Free episode migration
  • Podcast Media Kit
  • Formal Podcast Training

Advanced Plan

$17 /MO

Billed annually or $20 monthly

  • 400MB monthly storage
  • Additional storage available
  • Standard Statistics
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Use your own Domain
  • Monetize with Programmatic
  • Phone & email tech support
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Custom embed player
  • Free WordPress Site
  • Additional themes & plugins
  • Free episode migration
  • Podcast Media Kit
  • Formal Podcast Training
  • Apple Premium Publishing
  • QuickLinks Page

Why You Should Use Blubrry

Our versatile and user-friendly tools cater to a wide range of podcasting needs and ambitions. Take a look at just how easy Blubrry makes it to publish, analyze and grow your podcast. Publish using our sleek Publisher in the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard or our free WordPress plugin, our hosting works for any creator.

Some of Our Most Standout Features

Podcast Website

Podcasters should have their own dedicated site for their podcast. That’s why we include a free, optional podcast WordPress website with all hosting plans.

Learn more about why you should have a podcast website.

  • Create a stunning, customizable site (including domains) that showcases your content, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience with minimal hassle
  • Choose your theme, look and advanced sites can use their own domain
  • We provide automatic backups and managed security so you can focus on your content

Learn More About Podcast Sites

PowerPress Plugin

Publish your podcast onto your own WordPress site thanks to our free plugin, PowerPress. Distribute your show to all podcast platforms immediately.

“Easy to use, great support, and gets the job done . . .” – Aaron Frankel

  • Seamlessly integrate your show into your site for maximum control and publishing
  • Reach a larger podcast audience by using SEO tools and check your stats in your WordPress dashboard
  • Manage all of your episode releases, all while using Podcasting 2.0 tools such as episode credits, chapters and more

PowerPress Makes Podcasting Easy

Interactive Widgets & Embeds

Turn your videos into audio podcast episodes with our automatic video-to-podcast service. Create a high quality podcast, opening your content to a new audience.

Transform your podcast player and website into an interactive hub for your audience.

  • Crafted for ease of use, these require minimal technical know-how for installation and customization
  • Enhance your engagement with accessibility, convenience, and monetization opportunities
  • Included but not all: Credits, Funding & Value4Value, Trailers, Live Show Info, Podroll

Read About Our Widgets & Embeds

Vid2Pod - Video-to-Podcast

V2P-logoTurn your videos into audio podcast episodes with our automatic video-to-podcast service. Create a high quality podcast, opening your content to a new audience.

A set-it-and-forget-it video-to-audio tool for video-first creators.

  • Effortlessly convert your YouTube video channel playlist(s) into a Blubrry hosted podcast
  • Take advantage of widespread distribution and content accessibility
  • Best of all, monetizing a podcast is much easier than a video channel

Turn Your Videos into a Podcast

Hosting Plans for All Kinds of Creators

Professional, Private and Premium Podcast Hosting plans match the needs of businesses, teachers, teams and exclusive content shows.

Professional Podcast Hosting

When Standard or Advanced Hosting won’t meet your needs, turn to Pro. Meant for businesses, networks, and those that need unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Utilize dynamic ad insertion programmatic advertising, sub accounts, & unlimited shows.

  • Perfect for those who require a customized podcasting solution
  • Our team helps you build your desired plan and assist with any technical questions that arise along the way
  • Access to sophisticated monetization and advertising opportunities

More About Pro Hosting

Private Podcasting

Create your podcast for authenticated users only, accessing your episodes through a mobile app or desktop. Keep your podcast content private with Blubrry.

Your confidential content deserves the utmost protection.

  • The highest-level security measures ensure your sensitive information remains secure; grant access only to designated groups of listeners
  • No two private podcast needs are identical, we offer price plans that suit your specific requirements
  • Utilizes our pro hosting hosting plan, with additional security measures, tools and features

Learn More About Private Podcast Shows

Try Premium Podcasting

Looking to host exclusive content? We offer Premium Podcasting that can be added to any show hosted with Blubrry. Release your premium and/or ad-free podcast episodes to your own paying audience.

Learn more about Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting here.

Podcast Statistics

Standard Podcast Statistics are included with all hosting plans

Meticulously tailored for podcasting, monitor your podcast’s performance with our detailed analytics. Including geo-location, apps & devices, estimated audience, and episode comparison.

Our podcast statistics allow you to monitor your show and episode performance with detailed geographic data, listen-through rates, episode comparison charts, and much more.

Learn More About Podcast Stats

Advanced Statistics

Included with Advanced Hosting and Professional Hosting

Advanced Statistics give you insights into even more about your audience. With Impactful Play data you’ll know how long your audience regularly listens to your episodes.

Gather conclusions about your audience based on average daily plays, additional audience and comparison data and detailed audience survey results.


Advanced Podcast Statistics

Concierge logoConcierge Onboarding Service

Creating engaging content, building a loyal audience and sharing your unique voice has never been easier than with Blubrry’s Concierge Onboarding Service.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a complete beginner, our onboarding service sets you on the right path at the beginning of your show’s podcasting path, making sure you start strong and stay on track.

IAB Certified Compliant Statistics

Our full solution includes podcast statistics certified compliant by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, meeting the standards for advertising online.

Be confident monetizing your show with stats that advertising agencies trust.


Thrive Bundle

Elevate your podcasting with the best of our extras. Pre-roll ad insertion, expanded listener comparison, additional Quicklinks features and listener and subscriber data. And now, get your slice of Blubrry PAI – our comprehensive podcast artificial intelligence assistant – through the Thrive Bundle.

Media Mastering by Auphonic

Effortless media mastering for each and every episode with our partner, Auphonic; as simple as upload, process and publish.

Now all of our hosting customers can easily conquer post-production, with the use of Media Mastering!

Podcast Transcriptions

Full transcriptions are made easy, available after episode publishing to be added to your website or more.

Includes Closed Captions support in our web-based podcast player. The only Podcast host offering closed captions to make your podcast fully accessible.

podcasting email support


Our customer support contact form is monitored during business hours seven days a week!

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If a problem calls for it, we’ll schedule a video conference.

blubrry phone support


Give us a 1-877-729-8642 call. We’re always ready to help.

What is podcast hosting and why do I need it?

Podcast hosting is a specialized service that stores and delivers your podcast’s audio files to your listeners through a podcast feed. It’s essential because these platforms are optimized to handle large media files and distribute them efficiently to various podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Pandora. Without a podcast host, managing and distributing your podcast would be challenging, as regular web hosting services are not equipped to handle the unique requirements of podcasting.

How do I choose the right podcast hosting platform?

When choosing a podcast hosting platform, consider factors such as storage limits, bandwidth, ease of use, integration capabilities with podcast directories, and the availability of analytics to track your podcast’s performance. Additionally, look for features that align with your specific needs, such as the ability to monetize your podcast, support for multiple shows under one account, and the quality of customer support.

Is migrating my podcast difficult?

Not at all, especially with our hands-on support team. We move podcasters to our platform every day and ensure that you keep all of your subscribers, episodes, etc. You can migrate yourself or reach out to our support team for assistance including a scheduled Zoom or phone meeting.

Can I add more than one show to my hosting?

No, each hosting subscription is limited to one RSS feed — one show. This keeps your uploads and podcast statistics separate. Networks or those with multiple shows should switch to our Pro Hosting for easier account management, features and billing.

What is an RSS feed and how does it relate to podcast hosting?

An RSS feed is a text file that contains your podcast’s information and episode details in a standardized format. It allows podcast directories and listeners to subscribe to your show and automatically receive new episodes. Your podcast host generates and updates this RSS feed every time you upload a new episode, ensuring that your latest content is distributed to all your subscribers across various platforms.

Can I switch podcast hosts if I’m not happy with my current one?

Yes, you can switch podcast hosts if you’re not satisfied with your current service, and Blubrry Podcasting makes migration easy  with a migration service that transfers your files and feeds to our hosting service. It’s crucial to ensure that your podcast’s RSS feed is redirected correctly to maintain your subscribers and not affect your podcast’s availability on directories.

Are there any free podcast hosting options available?

Yes, there are free podcast hosting options available. However, it is important to note that these free services often come with limitations on storage, bandwidth, or access to advanced features like detailed analytics or monetization tools. While free hosting can be a great starting point for new podcasters, you will want to consider upgrading to a paid plan as your podcast grows to access more features and better support. Also, be careful with free hosting services that will basically control your brand!


Podcast Hosting Explained

The podcasting audio and video revolution is redefining the traditional media boundaries, allowing anyone with a message and a microphone to become a broadcaster. However, behind the scenes, there’s a crucial element that makes podcasting possible—hosting. Podcast hosting makes podcasting a reality, and understanding it is essential if you want to join the revolution.

So, what is podcast hosting? Simply put, it is a service that enables efficient storage and distribution of audio or video files through platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and other popular destinations. When you use a podcast hosting service such as Blubrry, you can focus on producing quality content while leaving technical aspects like file storage and bandwidth management to professionals.

At Blubrry, we take pride in providing the best podcast hosting services. We understand that as a podcaster, you may have diverse needs—you might be a hobbyist sharing your passion or a business looking to leverage the power of audio content. Whatever the case, we offer a range of flexible podcast hosting plans that cater to everyone. You can choose from three types of plans: Standard, Advanced, and Professional hosting. For the Standard and Advanced plans, you can either go monthly or save by going annual; professional hosting currently only allows monthly payments.

Our podcast hosting service offers various features that make podcasting seamless for our users. Blubrry podcast hosting services include easy upload capabilities, reliable playback services, analytics tools to track performance metrics such as downloads and listener demographics, podcast training and courses, plus a free WordPress site, among many others.

Podcast Hosting Platform

The world of podcasting has expanded dramatically in recent years, with an ever-increasing number of creators venturing into this exciting medium. As a result, there’s been a significant rise in the demand for reliable and user-friendly podcast hosting platforms. There are numerous podcast platforms available today, each offering its own unique set of features and benefits. When selecting the best podcast hosting platforms as an aspiring podcaster, you must carefully consider your needs and budget.

Here’s how Blubrry podcast hosting stands out from the rest:

  • Free PowerPress Plugin for WordPress: Blubrry provides the No. 1 podcasting plugin for WordPress, PowerPress, at no extra cost. The PowerPress plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website, making publishing and managing your podcast episodes incredibly easy.
  • Phone and Email Support:* Our dedicated support team can assist you whenever you need help. Whether facing technical issues or seeking guidance on using our features effectively, we ensure your podcasting journey is smooth and successful.
  • Extensive and Always Evolving Tools:* We understand podcasters have diverse needs. Whether you’re just starting or managing a network of podcasts, Blubrry provides a wide range of tools and features to support your endeavors. From beginners looking for simplicity to advanced creators demanding customization, Blubrry has you covered.
  • Analytics and Monetization:* Gain valuable insights into your audience with Blubrry’s advanced analytics. Understand your listener demographics, episode performance, and geographic distribution. Plus, we offer built-in monetization options, such as programmatic advertising and premium content subscriptions, to help you generate income from your podcast.

Podcast Website Hosting

The importance of owning your website and brandFinding a reliable podcast website host is essential. A solid podcast web host service will ensure your content reaches its intended audience with minimal hassle. These platforms offer a range of functionalities, such as episode posting with a player, analytics tracking, custom domains, and an RSS feed you own and control.

As the popularity of podcasts continues to rise, more podcast-hosting websites are appearing on the market. When considering which podcast hosting website best suits your needs, it’s crucial to explore various factors such as pricing plans, customer support availability, ease of use, and integration options with third-party tools like social media platforms or Google Analytics. Furthermore, providers like Blubrry specialize in specific niches or industries (e.g., education or business), offering targeted features that cater directly to those sectors.

Blubrry offers an all-inclusive solution that simplifies your podcasting needs. With Blubrry, you get a free WordPress website with every hosting plan, which starts at only $12 monthly for Standard hosting with 125MB of monthly storage.

When hosting your podcast on a website, you can easily create and manage your podcast website without additional expenses. Our podcast website hosting also provides automatic backup and managed services so you do not have to worry about maintaining your site.  Plus all Blubrry Websites support all the Podcasting 2.0 features.

Podcast Hosting Sites

Podcast hosting sites have emerged as a crucial component when hosting a podcast. As more individuals and businesses recognize the power of podcasts in reaching their target audience, choosing the right podcast hosting site is vital to ensure seamless distribution and accessibility. It would be best to consider several factors when looking for a reliable podcast hosting company. These include storage capacity, bandwidth limits, analytics tools, ease of use, and compatibility with popular directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else podcasts are listened to

A good podcast hosting site will have additional features and capabilities supporting podcast growth, engagement, and podcast 2.0 adoption. These features enhance the reliability of your podcast by ensuring your RSS feed is always available and up to date with the most modern podcast features while providing access to podcasting innovations. Also, check if your podcast hosting site offers a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWA creates an engaging user experience by mimicking the functionality of a dedicated app. It’s also worth considering podcast-hosting sites that provide awards and incentives. These badges celebrate your podcast’s achievements and can be a great way to engage your audience and showcase your podcast’s growth and success.

Podcast Hosting Services

The best podcast hosting service will depend on your specific needs. However, while this is true, it’s essential to consider other elements before choosing a hosting service for podcasts. On top of storage, bandwidth, and other technical elements, think about accessibility. Some people prefer to read or follow along with what they’re listening to. So, check if the hosting service offers transcription and closed captioning, which Blubrry Podcasting is an industry leader in. This makes your content accessible to more people, including those with hearing impairments. It can even boost your podcast’s discoverability.

Some of the best podcast distribution platforms provide a free media kit that updates daily. This kit contains essential information about your podcast, such as stats and audience demographics, which helps you understand your audience better and attract potential advertisers and sponsors. Lastly, consider customer support. A hosting service with one of the best support teams can save you a lot of headaches. If you run into any issues or need help with anything, you want to be sure that someone is there to assist you promptly.

Video Podcast Hosting

Podcast video hosting has emerged as a captivating and compelling means of sharing content with audiences worldwide. Videos add a new layer of engagement to your podcast. You can show visuals, share your screen, or even take your viewers on location. This boosts your production quality and makes your content more engaging. That’s why choosing the right video podcast hosting platforms is essential.

Blubrry allows you to host audio and video podcasts on the same platform. This means you can offer your audience the best of both worlds. Whether they prefer to listen on the go or watch your content, you’ve got them covered. And while at it, you can track listener statistics for your audio and video content. Know where your audience is from and how long they watch. This data is vital for understanding your audience better and tailoring your content to their preferences.

We also offer the best production quality for video podcasting, essential for making a lasting impression on your viewers. With Blubrry, you can easily share visuals and presentations or take your audience on exciting journeys.

Private Podcast Hosting

Need to keep your content exclusive, secure, and accessible only to a select audience that most free podcast hosting platforms don’t do? Blubrry’s Private podcast hosting is your solution. Your confidential content deserves the utmost protection, and that’s precisely what Blubrry provides.

We offer the highest-level security measures to ensure your sensitive information remains secure by granting access only to those you intend to share it with. Whether you need to make internal announcements, provide training sessions, conduct interviews, or deliver exclusive bonus content, Blubrry’s platform is adaptable. It caters to various use cases, from businesses to educators and beyond.

We also add extra layers of security by giving you control over who can access your content. You can organize your listeners into user groups and grant or restrict access to content based on user roles and permissions. This feature empowers you to control precisely who sees and hears your content. It ensures that your valuable information remains protected against unauthorized access.

The best part? We recognize that no two private podcasting needs are identical and offer price plans that suit your specific requirements. We have three price plans that start at $150 per month for the simple plan and $250 for the standard plan. For an enterprise plan, you can contact us for prices.