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19 Years of Podcasting Services

Launched by podcast pioneer Todd Cochrane, Blubrry is among the original podcasting companies. Blubrry now supports 150,000+ podcasters with hosting, distribution, audience statistics, monetization and other tools they need to publish, analyze and grow their podcasts.

Blubrry is for everyone, from the independent podcaster to the commercial podcast network and all levels in between. What started as RawVoice Inc., focused on podcast advertising, moved into bigger things such as statistics and hosting in 2006.

Blubrry was founded to empower people to express their knowledge and creativity through sound.

Podcasters have told us they desire:

  • Complete control over their podcast
  • Full content ownership: RSS feed and podcast website
  • Accurate audience and download statistics
  • To easily publish podcasts from their own website
  • Assistance with podcast growth
  • Knowledgeable technical podcast support
Compliant Podcast Analytics & Statistics

Blubrry Podcasting is proud to be certified by The Podcast Standards Project.

Blubrry is proud to be certified by The Podcast Standards Project, a grassroots industry coalition dedicated to creating standards and practices that improve the open podcasting ecosystem for both listeners and creators.

Humble Beginnings

RawVoice, Inc.

The most reputable brand in podcasting started in 2005, connecting podcasters with lucrative advertising opportunities for their show. Our small team quickly grew a thriving community of podcast creators and fanatics. Realizing the potential of podcasting creation they moved into the podcast service sector. Leading them to create…

Hosting, Statistics and Podcaster Growth

Blubrry Podcasting

As you know it now, leading podcast service solution hosting platform for all podcasters. Helping you publish, analyze and grow your podcast.
Learn more about how Blubrry was established.

Over the Years

Modern Podcasting

Dave Winer and Adam Curry created RSS 2.0, now known as the podcast RSS feed. Ever since it’s been used for directories and apps.


Founded as RawVoice Inc, parent company of Blubrry Podcasting, the first business to represent podcasters in advertising deals.


Welcome Blubrry Podcasting! (blubrry.com) Soon to release more services.

Stats for Podcasters

Early provider of podcast statistics. It’s one of the reasons our numbers are so accurate, we’ve been doing this since the beginning.

Hosting & PowerPress

Podcast hosting services are released! One of the first companies to do so.

PowerPress, a WordPress publishing for podcasts, is released!

More the Merrier

Affiliate program launches, featuring an annual bonus. Unheard of in the podcasting industry.

WordPress, made easier

Free WordPress Sites available to hosting customers.

Make (More) Money

Dynamic Advertising Insertion service launched for professional hosting podcasters.

Network Plugin

Released a Network Plugin for WordPress. Blubrry hosted customers can create networks with outside podcasters/shows.

Welcome, Private and AWS

Private Podcasting launches for secure internal communications, including separate iOS and Android apps for its use. And, our pro hosting service offered via AWS Marketplace.

Headliner added!

Headliner is an easy way for podcasters to share audio snippets and more on social, and it’s accessible via our dashboard.

Podcast Index Added to PowerPress

Podcast Index added new RSS feed tags and we added them to our WordPress plugin, PowerPress to ensure users are able to use the latest technology.

Easy Onboarding & New Dashboard

Major changes to the user experience including a whole new onboarding process and a new dashboard for easier user navigation.

Closed Captions, Training and Editing

With the release of an updated audio player came, a major listener upgrade: transcripts and closed captions for all episodes.

PodRocket Academy offers free podcast training.

Descript users can quickly import their edited episodes for publishing.

Automatic Advertising!

Anyone can make money with easy, programmatic advertising within their episodes.

Thrive Bundle

We combined some minor yet powerful features to assist podcasters in Thrive – additional stats, Quicklinks, Pre-Roll Ad Insertion and more.

Video to Audio

Use Vid2Pod to automatically convert your video channel to podcast audio episodes. Available to Advanced Hosting and above.

Podcast AI Assistant

PAI, a creators best friend for podcasting. Planning, Production and Promotion AI tools – for Thrive users

Meet the Blubrry Team

Ben Beecroft
Software Developer
Ben joined the Blubrry development team in January of 2020, after two terms here as an intern. Outside of work he likes to travel, hike, and paddle board around the mountains.
Favorite Podcast: Sibling Rivalry
MacKenzie Bennett
Marketing Specialist
She tackles any and all marketing projects. When not listening to a podcast, MacKenzie guest co-hosts the company show, Podcast Insider. You can find her at a concert or festival with an overly-priced craft beer in hand.
Favorite Podcast: Song Exploder
Cathy Beuten
Information Specialist
A lifelong writer and accuracy advocate, Cathy delights in spreading the news about Blubrry and the wonders of podcasting. She digs wordsmithing, exploring AI and hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her faithful dog, Max. Favorite Podcast: Morning Cup of Murder
Dave Clements
Technical Support Analyst
Forever a dabbler of creative things, you can find Dave making multiple podcasts, incl. Playing Games with Strangers. He lives in Indiana with his wife, Wendie, daughters Grace and Eiley, and Boxer, Fern. Life's always busy.
Favorite Podcast: The Bottom Shelf
Todd Cochrane
Chief Executive Officer
Podcasting since 2005, credited with the first podcast ad deal, GoDaddy and founder of the Podcast Awards. He was inducted into the inaugural class of the Podcast Hall of Fame in 2015. A U.S. Navy Veteran (25 years), he retired with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. Now residing in MI, Todd spent the majority of the past 25 years in HI with his family.
Favorite Podcast: No Agenda
Mike Dell
VP of Customer Relations
A podcaster since 2005, and part of the support team since 2009. He’s co-host of Blubrry’s show, Podcast Insider and a Ham Radio Operator (K8LMJ), part-time broadcaster, and an aviation nut. Mike lives in Traverse City, Michigan with his wife Kathy and two beagles, Benny and Percy.
Grant Galinger
Junior Developer
Grant joined Blubrry’s development team in the spring of 2021 after interning with them for one term. Outside of work, he spends his time playing guitar and gaming with friends.
Favorite Podcast: The Eavesdrop Podcast
Jeff Hinz
Chief Growth Officer
Jeff is responsible for business development efforts of RawVoice products and services. A board member since 2007 and podcasting since 2005. With 30+ years of sales and marketing experience, Jeff looks for new ways to meet consumer needs and business KPIs. Jeff lives in NYC with his family and enjoys all the city has to offer.
Favorite Podcast: The Rich Roll Podcast
Aaron Hope
Graphic Designer
The creative jack-of-all-trades with experience in UI/UX, branding, and photo editing. Aaron works with all the teams to create engaging visuals and easy-to-use interfaces. When not glued to the chair, he's out hiking in nature, dabbling in art projects, or playing guitar.
Favorite Podcast: Not Another D&D Podcast
Barry Kantz
General Counsel and CFO
Barry has continuously produced a podcast since 2005 and is one of the founders of RawVoice. Barry twiddles all the dials, switches and levers in the legal, human resources, and finance areas for the company. He has a mobile office in his motorhome and enjoys exploring and visiting friends across the country.
Aaron McQuade
Senior Software Developer
Aaron joined the team in the summer of 2018. As a Pittsburgh native, he loves to follow the Steelers and the Penguins. After work, Aaron prefers to spend as much time as possible outside.
Favorite Podcast: Hardcore History
Lena Taupier
Chief Technology Officer
Lena is responsible for the technical infrastructure and development initiatives at Blubrry. She is especially interested in scalable cloud architectures and enjoys dabbling in all things cloud-related.
Shawn Thorpe
Customer Support
Longtime podcaster, media producer, and photography enthusiast. A member of the Blubrry team since 2015, Shawn helps cover off-hours support requests. He also creates support documentation for Blubrry products and contributes to Blubrry's Podcasting Manual.
Brian Yuhnke
Creative Director
With 20+ years experience in design and media, Brian consults with the design team to evolve and innovate the RawVoice/Blubrry brand and experience. He began podcasting in 2005, the same year he co-founded Rawvoice / Blubrry with Cochrane and Kantz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your name spelled Blubrry instead of Blueberry?

In the early 2000s, when the company was established, it was actually en vogue to drop vowels from names. Since it represents part of our company heritage, we’ve kept it. In case you were wondering … the name is pronounced just like the fruit.

Who is RawVoice?

RawVoice Inc. is our company established in 2005. Blubrry is the brand name, and RawVoice Inc. is the company name. All services are Blubrry services nowadays.

Are you podcasters?

We were podcasters well before we were a company. The Blubrry team is made up of active podcasters who understand the challenges of building a successful show. You can check out our company podcast, Podcast Insider.

Where can I learn more about podcasting?

Check out our Podcast Manual, updated frequently to the most accurate information on not only how podcasting works but tips on how to have a great podcast experience.