Easily Turn Your YouTube Playlist into a Podcast for Universal Distribution

Bridge the gap between video and audio, ensuring your content is available to podcast listeners on podcast apps they love and trust.

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Are you ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level?

You can now effortlessly publish podcast episodes from your video playlists into high-quality audio podcasts, opening your content to a new audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a YouTube creator looking to expand your reach Vid2Pod is a set-it-and-forget-it video-to-audio podcasting tool, available as part of our Advanced Hosting plans and above.

Why Convert Your YouTube Playlist to Audio Podcasts?

  • Build a Wider Audience: Audio content is more accessible than ever, allowing listeners to tune in via their existing podcast app while driving, exercising, or working. Expand your reach by catering to an audience that prefers choice.
  • Increase Your Content’s Accessibility: By providing your content in audio format, you make it available to visually impaired individuals or those who prefer audio-only media.
  • Maximize Your Content’s Potential: Repurpose your video content into podcasts to maximize your visibility and engagement across multiple platforms.
  • Effortless Conversion: Seamlessly transform your YouTube playlists into high-quality audio files with metadata tags and chapters ready for distribution on all podcast platforms.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Quality Audio Conversion: We prioritize audio quality, ensuring your podcasts sound clear and professional.
  • Monetize Immediately: Turn on Programmatic Advertising or run separate ads and promotions with Dynamic Ad Insertion that you control.
  • Widespread Distribution: Share your episodes on all podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, etc.
  • Podcast Analytics and Insights: Track your podcast’s performance separately with detailed analytics, helping you to better understand your audience.
  • Fast Integration: Sync your YouTube account and select playlists you want to convert. Super easy!
  • Imported Metadata: Convert titles, descriptions and tags for optimal SEO and discoverability.

How it Works


Purchase Podcast Hosting: Create a Blubrry account and order your preferred hosting plan.


Link Your YouTube Channel: Search for and sync your YouTube channel to your Blubrry account.


Select Playlists: Choose the playlist you want to convert into audio podcasts.


Customize: Create custom podcast art or use your YouTube channel image.


Distribute: Publish your podcasts across top platforms with just a few clicks in Destinations.

Bonus Podcast-Centric Opportunities

  • Free WordPress Site: All hosting comes with a free managed WordPress Site; use it for your overall brand and show.
  • Audio Player: Add the sleek audio player embed to wherever you’ll be releasing and promoting your episodes.
  • Share Premium Content: Publish to Apple Subscriptions or Blubrry’s Premium Content Podcasting.
  • Create a True Video Podcast: Show for distribution to Podcast apps that support video.
  • Value4Value: Take part in the Bitcoin ecosystem; earn Satoshis by creating a GetAlby account and wallet.
  • Split V4V: Share your payments with other creators.
  • YouTube Promotion: Promote your live YouTube streams that can viewed on supporting podcast apps.
  • Monetize Your Podcast: On your first day, there is no need to earn minimum listening hours.
  • Stay Available: Never worry about a platform taking down your content, your podcast RSS feed is available anywhere, anytime.

Start Today and Amplify Your Reach

Don’t let your content be confined to one platform. With our service, transitioning from YouTube playlists to audio podcasts is easy — a strategic move toward expanding your audience and making your content more accessible than ever before.

Join us today and start your path into the world of audio podcasts!

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What is the difference between an RSS feed podcast and YouTube episodes?

It’s not just about creating audio or video content; it’s about how that content reaches your audience. YouTube is available exclusively on that platform, while episodes that are part of an RSS feed reach a much wider audience — anyone listening on a podcast app or directory, website with a player, etc.

How does the conversion process work?

Once you’re in the Blubrry account you’ll search for and link your YouTube channel/handle. You’ll select the playlist you wish to convert, and our system automatically processes the videos into audio format. This includes optimizing audio quality and adding relevant metadata for podcast distribution.

How long does the conversion take?

The conversion time depends on the length and number of videos in your playlist. However, our platform is designed for efficiency, ensuring your podcasts are ready for review and distribution as quickly as possible.

Can I edit my podcast details after conversion?

Absolutely! You can customize the title, description, tags, and even select the cover art before publishing. It’s very simple to make any editing changes you’d prefer for your new audio podcast.

Do I need to manually update my podcast when I add new videos to my YouTube playlist?

No, our platform automatically detects new videos added to your connected playlists and converts them into podcast episodes, maintaining your podcast’s continuity and schedule.