Podcast AI Assistant

Podcast Artificial Intelligence: Elevate Your Podcasting Experience with the Power of AI with Blubrry PAI

Includes pre-production, post-production, and podcast promotion tools; highlight-clip creation coming soon.

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Simplify Your Podcasting Experience with the Power of AI

Designed to transform the podcast creation and promotion process, Blubrry Podcast AI (PAI) is your all-in-one solution powered by leading-edge artificial intelligence.

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, our podcast AI is here to streamline your workflow, enhance your content, and amplify your reach.

Discover Everything Blubrry PAI Has to Offer

PAI Tools

Tap into the power of generative AI to plan your episode, produce show notes and art, and create social media posts, including highlight clips.

Episode Planning

Plan the flow of your episode, from outlines and suggested topics, to content segments and guest interview questions.

Episode Topics

AI-generated topic considerations help you through those inevitable brain-blocks and also might come up with an amazing topic you hadn’t considered.

Episode Transcript

Generate transcripts via our Blubrry PAI, making it easy for you and audiences who need to or prefer to read than listen. Remember to check your transcript and edit for accuracy.

Show Summary

Show notes are easily generated via Blubrry Podcast AI! Show summaries and bulleted overviews are made easy in the podcast production process.

Social Content

Review and edit a series of social media post options for different platforms. We give you five, editable captions to choose from.

Email Promotion

Reach out to your audiences and even prospective listeners with a concise email introducing each show. It’s also a great way to do shout-outs as well.

Features That Set Blubrry PAI Apart

AI-Assisted Show Production: Say goodbye to content creation woes. Blubrry Podcast AI provides tailored suggestions for topics and scripting, ensuring your content always hits the mark.

AI-Podcast Planning: Follow the step-by-step process of an episode with intelligent episode topics, guest questions, and bios outputted into a beautiful show episode flow.
AI-Post Podcast Production: Transcript creation, title suggestions, show summary, bullet points of topics covered, episode art generation, and chapter file creation with integrated episode publishing
AI-Podcast Social Captions: Extend your reach without lifting a finger. Blubrry PAI crafts platform-specific promotional content, ensuring your podcast finds its audience wherever they are.
AI-Podcast Clip Creation: Coming Soon! Create reels and video clips for all social media platforms with multiple templates and overlay editor.

Intuitive Interface: User-friendly and efficient, Blubrry PAI removes the barrier to entry and accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill level.

Once you’ve completed the production aspect PAI creates an episode draft for your final editing and finishing touches. Any editing you do in the production process will be mirrored in the draft episode.

Why Choose Blubrry's Podcast AI Assistant?

Developed by podcasters for podcasters, Blubrry PAI addresses the challenges and pain points in podcast production and promotion. Our goal is to allow you to do what you do best in creating great content backed by outputs generated by AI, edited and approved by you to have greater reach with richer show notes and met data for a better experience for your audience.

With Blubrry PAI, you get the support you need to produce captivating, professional-quality podcasts that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Get Started Today

Get ready to take your podcast to the next level! Join the Blubrry community and discover the difference Blubrry PAI can make. Our friendly support team is here to guide you every step of the way, from setup to success. With Blubrry PAI, the future of podcasting is in your hands.

We’re just getting started! We’re building a future where every part of a podcast is a breeze, no matter your skill level. More AI-powered podcast tools are on the way, all designed to make your creative journey smoother and more enjoyable. Stay tuned!

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Be sure to explore how Blubrry’s Standard, Advanced and Professional Hosting options can help you maximize your podcast’s reach and impact. Our Private Podcasting is ideal for internal and exclusive communications. Learn more about our IAB-certified Statistics here.

Will Blubrry's Podcast AI Assistant save me time?

Yes! Here is an example: Our team used numerous external tools to assist with their podcasts, which added significant time to their post-production. When using Blubrry PAI, the process is faster and more efficient. The podcast output has improved compared to the previous manual process., including higher audience engagement over 30 days, and 10% in audience growth.

Results will vary, but we see exponential growth for podcasters.

Is Blubrry's Podcast AI Assistant easy to use for beginners?

Absolutely! Blubrry PAI was created with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface and straightforward tools make it easy for beginners to navigate and use; while its advanced features offer value to more experienced podcasters looking to optimize their workflow.

How does the podcast planning feature work?

The podcast planning tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze your show profile, host profile, guest profiles, and bio and the inputted topic to output suggested topics and guest questions combined to create a show flow that can be printed or loaded as a PDF.

What kind of post-production tools does the Podcast AI Assistant offer?

Blubrry PAI provides a comprehensive suite of post-production features: transcript creation, title suggestions, show summaries, bullet points of topics, episode artwork creation, and chapter files. Combined with Media Mastering by Auphonic, these tools are designed to enhance the audio quality of your podcast and make each episode appealing and accessible to a broader audience.

Can the PAI clip creator help me promote my podcast on social media?

Yes! Blubrry’s Podcast AI Assistant features automated highlight-clip creation and custom promotional content tailored for each social media platform. This helps maximize your podcast’s visibility and engagement across different channels.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we offer a trial period so you can explore the features and benefits of Blubrry PAI before committing to a subscription. Every hosting customer gets five uses of each AI tool: planning, post-production, social promotion and the upcoming clip creator.

Where can I find more information or get help if I have questions?

For more information, check out the detailed guides and tutorials in our documentation and for additional help, reach out to our support team. We are just an email or phone call away. We’re committed to providing the assistance you need to make your podcast successful.