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Developer Resources

Welcome to the Blubrry Developer Program. Here you may find resources for developers including our API and documentation for integrating our services in your application. Developer Program resources are vital for empowering and supporting developers in creating innovative applications and solutions. This program provides them with tools, documentation and community support. These resources play a crucial role in accelerating development processes, fostering collaboration and driving the overall growth of a developer ecosystem.

Blubrry Podcast API

OAuth 2

Podcast Media API

Podcast Statistics API

Episode API

Network API

Blubrry podcaster learning about podcast growth.

Blubrry API

The Blubrry API provides RESTful access to Blubrry Podcasting’s vast services and resources including podcast publishing, podcast analytics, and complete podcast directory. Please contact us, to obtain a client ID and secret to start your integration today. Learn more about the Blubrry API.



  • Episode API: create, edit and publish episodes
  • Podcast Media API: migrate, upload, publish or delete media files
  • Statistics API: access podcast statistics, including day-specific and overall totals.
  • Network API: manage access to your own network of shows or utilize Blubrry’s podcast directory

Use Cases

  • Use the Blubrry Statistics API to create your own custom podcast analytics dashboards/visualizations
  • Integrate the Blubrry Podcast Hosting API to upload media and publish your episodes right from your own internal application.
  • Show us what you’ve made. Please submit a sample of your integration with Blubrry. We may feature it on this page!

Blubrry PowerPress: Open Source Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

Blubrry is proud to develop and support the PowerPress podcasting plugin for WordPress


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How to Get a Blubrry API Key

  1. Go to Blubrry.com
  2. Login to your Blubrry account
    1. If you do not already have an account:
    2. Click Sign Up
    3. Input Name, Email, desired password, and re-enter password
    4. Go to the email you provided, 
    5. Find the email entitled Blubrry Welcome
      1. if it is not in your inbox, check your spam
    6. Click the link
    7. You are are now in Blubrry’s dashboard 
  3. Click the search bar in the top right corner
  4. Search “Developer Resources”
  5. Click the first link that comes up called Developer Resources.
  6. Click GET API KEY
  7. Select Support
  8. Input Show information (If applicable), Podcast Feed (If applicable), Subject, and input a message asking for API Key.
  9. Support will contact you ASAP

Blubrry Podcasting on AWS Marketplace

Professional Hosting is available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.


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