Blubrry Podcast API

Blubrry API
The Blubrry API offers a variety of functionality that you can integrate into your application. To access the API, you will need to request keys here.  Outlined below are the different categories of calls and some of the features they provide.

  • OAuth 2 Authentication

    To make calls to the Blubrry API, your application must include an active access token. This ensures that your application is authorized to make these calls. For more information on how to generate an access token refer to the Blubrry OAuth 2 Documentation. 

  • Podcast Media Hosting

    The Media Hosting API allows you to create third-party applications that can upload and manage media files hosted through Blubrry. Functionality includes:

    • Get a list of podcast shows/programs hosted on Blubrry.
    • Get a list of unpublished media files for shows.
    • Delete media files from a specific show.
    • Publish podcast media files.
  • Episode

    The Episode API allows your application to create new episodes or update existing episodes for a show. Functionality includes:

    • Create a new episode and publish, schedule or save as draft.
    • Update fields for an existing episode
  • Podcast Statistics

    The Podcast Statistics API allows your application to access the analytics for your episode media including data for the number of users who have downloaded or played each episode. Functionality includes:

    • Get a summary of overall downloads for a show
    • Get overall show downloads for specific months
    • Get a list of episodes and the number of downloads for each
  • Podcast Network

    The Podcast Network API allows your company or organization to develop custom applications to manage access to your own network of shows or utilize Blubrry’s podcast directory. Functionality includes:

    • User subscriptions with ability to add/remove shows and retrieve episode data
    • Retrieve and store episode specific meta data: mark as played, current play position
    • Show navigation including by category and search functionality.