PowerPress Database Fields Explained

PowerPress stores all podcast episode metadata, including the media URL, in the wp_postmeta table in the WordPress database. Therefore, metadata across many episodes can be read or updated using SQL queries.

Select episodes from the default feed

To get all podcast episodes from the default podcast feed, enter the following query.

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE 'enclosure'

Records with the meta_key ‘enclosure’ (without any prefix or suffix) store episode information for the default podcast feed, blog feed and any category feeds. This is associated to the default feed slug, ‘podcast’.

Select all podcast episodes

To get all podcast episodes from all feeds across your entire site (includes Podcast Channel and Post Type podcasting episodes for advanced users), enter the following query.

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE '%enclosure'

Podcast episodes that are NOT in the default feed have a meta_key formatted as _{feed_slug}:enclosure (so, _worship:enclosure for an episode in a channel whose slug is ‘worship’). To move an episode from one feed to another, simple replace the feed_slug in this field with the slug of the destination feed and save.

Rename a podcast channel

Feed slugs are stored in the wp_terms table, so to rename a feed, two queries would be required: One for the wp_terms table to actually rename the feed, and one for the wp_postmeta table to move the episodes over. For example, if a person wanted to rename a channel called ‘worship’ to ‘sermons’, they would enter the following queries.

Rename slug
UPDATE wp_terms
SET name = 'Sermons', slug = 'sermons'
WHERE slug = 'worship'
Move episodes
UPDATE wp_postmeta
SET meta_key = '_sermons:enclosure'
WHERE meta_key = '_worship:enclosure'

Important: Podcasts cannot have two enclosures in the same episode that are associated with the same feed slug. Podcast applications cannot support multiple media episodes.