Podcast Media Uploads Through WebDAV

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is an extension of the HTTP protocol that allows users to modify, create and move documents hosted on remote servers. Blubrry customers can use this method to upload podcast media files directly.

To connect to the WebDAV server, a WebDav client such as one of the following is required:

  • A file Transfer Client e.g. WinSCP (Windows only) or CyberDuck (Windows or Mac)
  • cURL via the command line

Note: WebDAV should only be used directly by Blubrry customers. All third-party applications/services should use the Blubrry API rather than WebDAV to upload and manage services.

Click here for instructions on how to use a WebDAV transfer client/desktop app to upload media files to Blubrry.

Using cURL to upload through WebDAV

  1. Open you terminal/command prompt
  2. You can upload one or multiple media files at a time using the following commands:
    To upload one media file:

    curl -X PUT mediafile.mp3 -u username:password https://webdav.blubrry.com/media/keyword/

    To upload multiple media files at once:

    curl -X PUT {mediafile1.mp3, mediafile2.mp3, … , mediafile5.mp3} -u username:password https://webdav.blubrry.com/media/keyword/

    mediafile.mp3 is the name and extension of the media file you are uploading
    username is your Blubrry username i.e the email that you use to login to Blubrry
    password is your Blubrry password
    keyword is the web friendly keyword associated with your podcast show

WebDAV Methods Supported

GET: A read-only method used to retrieve specific data from the server.
To retrieve/download a file:

curl -o local_filename.mp3 -u username:password https://webdav.blubrry.com/media/keyword/mediafile.mp3

PUT: Used to create or overwrite a resource by its URI.
To upload a file:

curl -X PUT mediafile.mp3 -u username:password https://webdav.blubrry.com/media/keyword

DELETE: Used to delete a resource specified by its URI.
To delete a file:

curl -X DELETE -u username:password https://webdav.blubrry.com/media/keyword/file-to-delete.mp3

PROPFIND: used to retrieve properties of a resource, stored as XML, specified by its URI.
To get a list of your unpublished files for a specific show: 

curl -X PROPFIND -u username:password https://webdav.blubrry.com/media/keyword/ -H Depth:1

Uploading a folder of media files

Below is an example of a simple script for uploading a folder/directory containing multiple files:

@echo off 
set localdir=path-to-folder (e.g C:\Users\JohnSmith\recordings)
set webhost=https://webdav.blubrry.com
set webuser=username
set webpass=password
set webdir=media/your-show-keyword

setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

for /F %%x in ('dir /B/D %localdir%') do (
  set FILENAME=%localdir%\%%x
  curl -T !FILENAME! %webhost%/%webdir%/ --user %webuser%:%webpass%

Save this to a file with a .bat extension, for example webdav.bat. To run the script, double click on webdav.bat or navigate to your script location from the command prompt and type webdav.bat. Note, this is a windows script but the concept can easily be adapted to a bash script for other platforms.