PowerPress plugin for Developers

The PowerPress podcasting plugin for WordPress has the ability to verify and publish media files in a podcast, control feed meta information, and connect to Blubrry services such as media hosting and some statistics reporting. It is developed in PHP and uses the getid3 php library by James Heinrich as well as the colorpicker JS library by Stefan Petre. It also features the MediaElement JS player and the HTML5 video and audio players, as well as a custom Blubrry audio player for hosting customers. For Blubrry customers, the Blubrry account is linked using OAuth2.

PowerPress is an open source project hosted on WordPress. Developers can review the changelog and pull the latest version of the source code from the SVN repository at the PowerPress Plugin page.

Developers can expand the functionality of PowerPress by adding their own hooks, setting custom defines, or by creating add-on plugins to include the functionality they need for their situation.

PowerPress Developer Topics