Programmatic Advertising

Monetization for All Blubrry Hosting Podcasters

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Podcasters looking for monetization opportunities, look no further than Blubrry’s programmatic advertising. Available to any and all hosting customers, regardless of show size or how long you’ve been podcasting, you can monetize your show immediately.

All you have to do is sign up. Most shows will receive ad placements immediately, but volume will grow in the first 60-90 days as the advertising platform learns your posting patterns and matches your show’s episodes with the best advertisers.

What to Expect

  • No download requirements
  • No audience expectations 
  • Expect up to 80% fill rates
  • Estimated CPM $5 – $15
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Payments made via PayPal
  • First payment in 90 days


How It Works

  • Advertisers bid on your show in real-time
  • You do not pick the advertisers
  • Ads are often geographic specific
  • Ads can change hour to hour / minute to minute
  • Not every podcast listen / download will be monetized
  • Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Only
  • Podcaster brand safety


*Show must earn a minimum of $50 payment can be issued.

Excluded categories: politics, religion, adult, alcohol, vaping & cannabis.

Our Goal: To provide all podcasters the opportunity to earn revenue from their show.

Our Solution: Programmatic advertising is the bridge to allow you and your show to earn income while you grow your podcast audience to attract more traditional advertisers.

“Maintaining and building credibility is paramount to our customers when it comes to advertising within their podcast. That is why we provide programmatic ads that are geo- and topic-specific, while at the same time excluding some ad categories by default that audiences may object to.” Todd Cochrane, founder and CEO

Blubrry has a rich history of providing advertising for podcasters, going back to 2005. But a segment of the podcasting space, the smaller shows, the indies, have been left behind in the monetization department, and we strive to close that gap by providing this service.

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