File Requirements

For Blubrry Dynamic Advertising Insertion to work properly you must follow the detailed file requirements below.

  • Matches: episode bitrate, sample rate, same number of audio channels (mono/stereo), audio type Ad files will be mixed to the levels of the episode if they do not match.
  • For mid-roll insertion, an ID3 Timestamp must be inserted in the “comment field” of the ID3 comment tag as follows.
    • Note: This is for mid-roll positions only. Ads that are pre or post roll do not need a timestamp in the comment field.
  • If you want Midroll1 to be inserted at 5 minutes and 10 seconds you would use the following:
    • mid1 00:05:10
  • If you want Midroll1 at 4 minutes and 26 seconds and 5 milliseconds and a Midroll2 at 1 hour, 22 minutes 46 seconds and 3 milliseconds the comment tag will be formatted as follows.
    • mid1 00:04:26.5, mid2 01:22:46.3
  • Note: If you fail to place the time hack in the comment field the ad will not be inserted. This must be done outside of Blubrry Dashboard, in a third party software.

We highly recommend mp3s for any podcast file. It is the most widely used and accepted in the podcasting community. For more information of files, read here.