Warning Messages Explained

Warning: Media URL contains more than 5 redirects

Blubrry PowerPress checks that your media URLs do not exceed 5 redirects for maximum compatibility with podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts.

A URL redirect is an instruction given by the server to the client to connect to another URL. Some redirects are for calculating statistics while others are used to route the request to the appropriate server where the actual file is hosted.

Most HTTP compliant applications (podcast apps and web browsers) will handle between 12 to 20 redirects before failing. Some applications will fail after 5 redirects. It is recommended that your Media URL not exceed 5 redirects in order to reach the widest possible audience.

Warning: Channel mode ‘mono’

Blubrry PowerPress checks that your MP3 media is either in ‘stereo’ or ‘joint stereo’ for maximum player compatibility.

Web-based media players and some portable media players require either stereo or joint stereo for proper playback. Playback typically fails instantly in players that do not support mono. To reach the widest audience possible, we recommend using joint stereo when creating your MP3 media. Joint stereo and mono result in the same file size, so switching from mono to joint stereo should not be an issue if file size is a concern.

Values other than these noted may result in media files that are not compatible with some media players and web flash players.

Warning: Sample rate is not 22Khz or 44Khz

Blubrry PowerPress checks that your mp3 media is using either 22Khz or 44Khz sample rate for maximum player compatibility.

Web-based media players require the sample rate be either 22Khz or 44Khz in order to playback the media correctly. When your mp3 is not set to the correct sample rate, playback may become accelerated, giving the effect of sounding like a member of The Chipmunks. To avoid this Chipmunk effect, we recommend using either 22Khz or 44Khz in your mp3 media.

Values other than these noted may result in media files that are not compatible with some web players.

Warning: Exceeding your fields limit” Message

PowerPress has detected that your post edit screen is exceeding the field limit (max_input_vars) for your website. The field limit is typically 1,000. In most cases this is sufficient, but in some cases when many plugins are used together and/or advanced features in PowerPress such as Post Type Podcasting and Podcast Channels are enabled, you can quickly use up the 1,000 fields available.

When you exceed the specified max_input_vars, the remaining fields in your pages will not be saved.

Solutions when you receive an “exceeding your fields limit“ message

  1. remove unused fields from the episode boxes

    1. To remove fields in the Episode box, click the gear in the podcast box and remove fields aggressively removing fields you do not use when publishing podcasts.

  2. Increase the number of fields your server supports

    1. You may increase the max_input_vars PHP variable to allow for additional input fields. The max_input_vars variable in PHP is a server-level setting, with a default of 1000.It may be possible to set this in the .htaccess, which would look like this:

      1php_value max_input_vars 2000

      Otherwise, it needs to be set in the apache config files, and would look similar to above, or be set in the php.ini file that the server uses, which would look like:max_input_vars 2000Note you cannot set it with the ini_set() function, this is a setting that needs to be set before PHP code is executed.

  3. Remove other plugins you are no longer using that add fields to your edit screen

    1. Simply go through your enabled plugins page and disable plugins you no longer use.