Auphonic Media Mastering Settings

Blubrry Media Mastering by Auphonic

Media Mastering Settings are located in the Manage Show Settings section of the Blubrry Dashboard. For those using WordPress/PowerPress, you will also set your media mastering settings in the exact location.

File Settings: These allow you to set the Bitrate of the mastered file. If you upload a .Wav file, you will want to choose your output tile. 128 kbps is approximately 1 MB a minute. If you are uploading a MP3, you will want to match the bitrate of the original file.

Channels: You can choose to have your media output in Mono. This allows you to save 50% of the file size. A 128kbps file encoded in Mono will result in a file size of .5 MB per minute.

Audio Algorithm – The following descriptions have been re-purposed from Auphonic documentation found on the following page. Auphonic retains all rights to the following text:

Audio Algorithm: Adaptive Leveler corrects level differences between speakers, music and speech, and applies dynamic range compression to achieve a balanced overall loudness.

Audio Algorithm: Loudness Normalization calculates the loudness of your audio and applies a constant gain to reach a defined target level in LUFS. The loudness is calculated according to the latest broadcast standards radio and mobile (-16 LUFS).

Audio Algorithm: Noise and Hum Reduction removes broadband background noise and hiss in audio files with slowly varying backgrounds. First, the audio file is analyzed and segmented into regions with different background noise characteristics, and a Noise Print is extracted in each region. Then a classifier decides how much noise reduction is necessary for each region.

Loudness Target: This is a non-editable selection as we are following the latest broadcast standards for radio and mobile (-16 LUFS).

Bitrate Settings Selection

Blubrry Media Mastering is Powered by Auphonic, a world leader in audio processing and a trusted platform used by Blubrry team members for many years.