PowerPress Subscribe Page

The PowerPress Subscribe Page allows you to easily create a static page on your site to explain to your visitors how to subscribe to your podcast.

Subscribe page use

Blubrry developed the Subscribe Page to help convert website visitors into podcast subscribers. The page can be linked:

  • As a page in your site pages, possibly navigable in the header and/or footer of your theme.
  • At the bottom of every podcast episode, below the media player and download links.
  • Optionally in the sidebar of your theme using the PowerPress Subscribe Sidebar Widget.

The Subscribe Page’s purpose provides steps to subscribe to your podcast. By default, PowerPress provides an appealing subscribe widget via the use of a shortcode (

Subscribe to
Podcast Insider

Or subscribe with your favorite app by using the address below

). This widget includes the title and artwork of your podcast and has subscribe buttons for the most popular applications. You are strongly encouraged to use this shortcode, as it is designed using the latest design techniques to be utilized both by desktop and mobile browsers. Your mobile visitors will find it easy to touch and subscribe to your podcast using this built-in widget.

How to create your Subscribe Page

To create your page, go to PowerPress settings and select the Website tab. Under the Subscribe Page settings, click “Create a subscribe page from template”. This will create a new static page in your WordPress site using our recommended template. Be sure to save your changes.

Once you create this page, we recommend that you edit it and modify the language into your own words. Remember to leave the subscribe shortcode (

Subscribe to
Podcast Insider

Or subscribe with your favorite app by using the address below

). This displays the subscribe buttons and your show’s artwork and title, optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Subscribe Page template

The template is based on months of research. We include instructions on how to subscribe to podcasts targeting the following platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Mac and PC (desktop computers)
  • Android (Android-based phones, tablets and other devices)
  • Your favorite application (instructions how to copy/paste the feed URL)
  • Bookmark this podcast (instructions how to bookmark the page)