Podcast Advertising Insertion System

Blubrry has built a world-class podcast advertising insertion system that meets the needs of 95% of podcasters who are managing their own ad campaigns and need to be able to build the most complex to the basic campaigns. All this with the assurance that your campaigns are being measured with IAB Certified Compliant Podcast Measurement stats.

The Blubrry podcast advertising insertion system has been built to be simple to manage and maintain.

  • The advertising insertion system is available exclusively to our professional hosting customers. Pro hosting customers receive Simple Ad Insertion that includes pre-roll ads for episodes published within the last 50 days ‘free’ as part of their pro hosting plan.
  • Full Ad Insertion includes pre-mid-post roll and is priced at $49.95 a month with a .10 cent file rebuild; competitive pricing in podcasting.
  • Future feature – geographic targeting. Podcasters will be able to direct ads to certain areas of the US. We’re expecting to release this feature in Q4 2019.

If you’re not currently a professional hosting podcasting, and would like to use our podcast ad insertion, contact us and learn more here.

To learn more about our dynamic advertising insertion system, read here.

Use the links below to understand and manage the Blubrry ad insertion system.

Getting Started