PowerPress Subscribe Sidebar Widget

Widgets are small software components that provide specific functionalities or display certain information on websites or applications. They can be embedded within a web page or app interface and can range from simple tools like clocks and weather displays to complex features like search bars and social media feeds. A sidebar widget, specifically, is designed to be placed in the sidebar area of a website or application. It can be used to display supplementary content, such as recent posts, advertisements, user profiles, or navigation links, thus enhancing user experience and providing quick access to important features or information.

You may utilize the PowerPress Subscribe Sidebar Widget by going to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress site. Simply drag and drop the “Subscribe to Podcast” widget to the sidebar widget of choice then configure.


We added more options to customize the look of the Subscribe buttons in the widget and within the Subscribe shortcode. To access these options in version 8.3+, go to PowerPress settings > Website > Subscribe Page.

Under the Subscribe Widget section, you can choose from two styles, Modern and Classic, as well as two shape options, Squared and Rounded.

Custom Styling (Advanced Users Only)

Some themes and websites have CSS styles on their website that are designed to override other styles (including those found in PowerPress). There are !important tags added to PowerPress to prevent this. If you select Exclude Recommended Styling from the dropdown box, those tags are stripped from PowerPress’ CSS rules so they can all be overridden.