Blubrry PAI – Social Production

Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System: Social Content Production Guide


In today’s digital age, promoting podcast episodes across social media is as crucial as their content. Blubrry Podcasting’s AI Production System extends its capabilities into social content production. This feature allows podcasters to create, organize, and manage social media posts that align with their podcast episodes. This guide will explain how to navigate the Social Content Production interface and leverage its functionalities for your podcast’s promotion.

Overview of Social Content Production

Social Content Productions List

  • Existing Productions: The interface provides a list of all previously created social content productions, allowing easy access for review or edits.
  • New Production: Podcasters can start a new social content production directly from this menu.

Creating Social Content

  • New Production: Click ‘New Production’ to craft social media content related to your podcast episodes.
  • Content Generation: The system will generate promotional content that can include text snippets, hashtags, images, and suggested post times based on your episode content and audience engagement patterns.

Managing Social Content

Reviewing Social Productions

  • View Production: Select ‘View Production’ to review the details and content of any past social media production.
  • Edit or Update: Make changes to refine the message, update images, or adjust post-scheduling to ensure maximum engagement.

Deleting Social Productions

  • Delete Option: Remove any outdated or irrelevant social content productions to keep your social media strategy current and focused.

Tips for Maximizing Social Media Impact

  • Consistent Branding: Ensure your social content reflects your podcast’s branding for recognition and continuity.
  • Engagement Strategies: Use calls to action, engaging questions, or polls to encourage interaction from your audience.
  • Timing: Schedule posts to go live when your audience is most active for increased visibility and engagement.


The Social Content Production feature of the Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System is a potent tool designed to simplify the promotion of podcast episodes across social channels. It helps podcasters create cohesive, engaging, and timely social media content that resonates with listeners and attracts new subscribers. Podcasters can utilize this feature to ensure a strong online presence and keep their audience engaged between episodes.

Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System: Social Promotion via Episode Transcripts Guide


The Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System offers a feature for creating engaging social promotions by analyzing podcast transcripts. This tool ensures your social content is rooted in your episodes’ dialogue and content, providing authentic and relevant promotions for your audience. 

Episode Transcript 

  • Generated Transcripts: The AI generates a transcript from your selected episode. If a Transcript has been created in past production efforts, that transcript will be utilized.

Reviewing and Editing Transcripts

  • Transcript Review: Ensure the accuracy of your transcripts by reviewing them, as they form the basis of your social promotions.
  • Speaker Correlations: Assign segments of the transcript to the appropriate speaker to maintain clarity when excerpts are used for social media posts.


Transcripts are a valuable resource in the Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System, enabling podcasters to create social promotions that accurately reflect the content of their episodes. By carefully reviewing and selecting standout segments for social media, podcasters can enhance their podcast’s visibility and audience engagement. Remember, a well-executed social promotion can lead to higher listener retention, broader reach, and increased interaction with your content.

Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System: Social Clip Generation Guide


Engaging your audience on social media is an essential component of podcast promotion. The Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System enhances this by generating customized clips for sharing on various social media platforms. This document will guide you through using AI-generated clips and captions, emphasizing the need to use your preferred social media tools for scheduling and posting.

Creating Social Clips for Promotion

Automated Clip Generation

The system generates five unique clips for each primary social media platform, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). These clips are tailored to align with each platform’s content norms and audience expectations.

Review and Export Clips

  • Review Clips: Examine the five pre-generated clips provided for each social media platform to choose the ones that best fit your promotional strategy.
  • Export Text: Click ‘Copy Caption’ to copy the clip text, which can then be pasted into your chosen social media management tool.

Platform-Specific Clips

  • Platform Appropriateness: Each set of five clips is designed to suit the specific platform’s unique format and audience, ensuring optimal engagement.
  • Visual Mockups: View a mockup preview of what the social media post would look like with the provided caption and image to gauge the post’s potential impact.

Using Clips on Social Media

Scheduling Posts

  • Utilize your preferred social media management tool to schedule and post the content at the best times for engagement.


  • Feel free to customize the text from the provided clips to best match your voice and style or add relevant hashtags and mentions.

Consistency Across Platforms

  • Maintain a consistent message across different platforms but tailor the presentation to the platform’s best practices.


The Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System’s social clip generation gives podcasters a head start in creating compelling social media content. By leveraging these AI-generated clips, podcasters can maintain an active and engaging presence on social media, which is crucial for building and sustaining an audience.

Remember, while the system provides the initial content, the effectiveness of social media promotion lies in personalization, strategic scheduling, and active engagement with your audience.

Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System: Email Promotion Guide


Email campaigns are an effective way to engage listeners and direct attention to new podcast episodes. The Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System enhances this promotion aspect by generating a personalized email that encapsulates the essence of your latest podcast episode. The AI-generated email is designed to sound as though it comes directly from the host, inviting subscribers to tune in. This guide will detail how to use this feature to create an engaging email promotion.

Creating an Engaging Promotional Email

AI-Generated Email

The AI leverages the podcast transcript and episode title to draft an email that:

  • Highlights the primary topics covered in the episode.
  • Is written in the first person to create a personal touch from the host.
  • Encourages listeners to engage with the content.

Reviewing the Email Content

  • Voice and Tone: Ensure the email reflects your personal voice and the tone of your podcast.
  • Key Points: Verify that the email accurately represents the main themes and takeaways of the episode.
  • Call to Action: Confirm that clear calls to action are present, prompting subscribers to listen to the episode or take other desired actions.

Editing and Customization

  • Personal Anecdotes: Add any relevant personal stories or comments that might resonate with your audience.
  • Episode Insights: Include unique insights or interesting facts from the episode to pique interest.
  • Updates: Share any news, updates, or listener shoutouts that add value to the email.

Using the Email Promotion

Once the email content is finalized:

  • Save Changes: Remember to save any edits you’ve made to the email content.
  • Distribution: Use your chosen email marketing platform to send out the promotion to your subscriber list.

Best Practices for Email Promotion

  • Consistent Schedule: Send emails regularly to maintain engagement but avoid overwhelming subscribers.
  • Segmentation: Tailor content for different segments of your audience, if possible, for more personalized engagement.
  • Monitoring: Track open and click-through rates to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and adjust as necessary.


The email promotion tool within the Blubrry Podcasting AI Production System provides podcasters with a powerful means of connecting with their audience outside of audio content. By creating an email that feels personal and provides value, you can encourage continued engagement and foster a loyal listener base.

Remember, while the AI generates the initial draft, your unique perspective and voice are what truly captivate your audience, so ensure the final email reflects your personal touch.