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Offer bonus episodes, early release of content, ad free episodes, etc., and monetize with premium podcasts through Blubrry.

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Turn Your Passion Into Profits:
Blubrry Premium and Exclusive Podcasting

  • A game changer for Blubrry podcasters, Premium Podcasting allows podcasters to create premium, bonus, ad-free content for their most dedicated fans and listeners.
  • Easily publish premium episodes on Blubrry’s publishing platform to a paying audience. Listeners can access exclusive shows via desktop and mobile apps.
  • Blubrry podcasters can elevate the quality of their content and earnings. With special content and ad-free episodes, podcasters stay competitive in the podcasting landscape by catering to the growing demand for high-quality, exclusive experiences.

Available for an additional $10 a month plus 15% of monthly subscription revenue.

Order the Premium Podcasting add-on to any hosting plan.

Set Your Own Pricing

Podcasters, Set Your Own Premium Pricing

  • Flexibility and Control: You’ll have the flexibility to set your own pricing model. You know your audience best; take control over the value of your work.
  • Turn Your Passion into Profit: Explore this new revenue stream leading to financial stability and allowing you to reinvest in improving and expanding your podcast.
  • Payments via PayPal: Payments for subscriptions as well as to you, the creator, are made through PayPal.

Easy Hosting and Podcast Growth Options

Take Advantage of Blubrry’s Services

  • Standard and Advanced Hosting: Comprehensive publishing tools and industry-leading analytics, providing a complete podcast hosting solution for all podcasters.
  • Professional Hosting: For those who have or are building a podcast network, use large amounts of storage and bandwidth, need advanced network tools and more.
  • Vid2Pod: For video-first creators, video-to-podcast conversion automatically creates an audio podcast from your video every time you post.
  • Thrive Bundle Add-On: Have access to episode comparison, subscriber tracking, Quicklinks and, best of all our new Podcast AI Assistant, Blubrry PAI.
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Easy For Listeners

Exclusive Listening in Minutes

  • Simple Subscription Signup: Signing up to listen to a premium show is a breeze. With just a few clicks, users can subscribe to your content directly through Blubrry.
  • Instant Access to Exclusive Content: As soon as the subscription is confirmed, listeners gain immediate access to a treasure trove of exclusive content. No waiting – the premium experience begins instantly.
  • Easily Manage Subscriptions: Listeners can find all premium subscriptions in Blubrry’s dashboard; they’ll find the latest episodes and can add or remove shows from their lineup.

Subscribe to Exclusive Episodes on These Apps

Apple Podcasts

These apps and many others (any that offer direct RSS feed subscriptions) allow your premium audience members to listen to your exclusive episodes within their regular podcast app. Some apps currently do not feature exclusive episodes from different platforms; a handful of these apps are Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio.

Podcast Support

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What are the benefits of using Blubrry's Premium Podcasting for monetizing my podcast?

  • Access to a dedicated monetization platform: Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting offers tools specifically designed to help podcasters monetize their content effectively.
  • Direct subscriber management: You can manage your subscribers directly, offering exclusive content or early access to episodes to premium subscribers.
  • Detailed analytics: Blubrry provides in-depth analytics that help you understand your audience better, which can be crucial for targeting your content and improving subscriber rates.
  • Flexible payment options: Blubrry allows podcasters to set up various subscription models, making it easier to cater to different listener preferences.

How does Blubrry's Premium Podcasting help in growing my podcast audience?

  • Enhanced listener engagement: By offering premium content, you can increase listener engagement and loyalty, as subscribers typically invest more in the content they pay for.
  • Marketing tools: Blubrry offers various marketing tools and integrations that can help promote your premium content to a wider audience.
  • SEO benefits: Hosting on Blubrry can improve your podcast’s search engine visibility, attracting new listeners to your podcast.

Can I offer both free and premium content on Blubrry's Premium Podcasting?

Yes, Blubrry supports hybrid models where podcasters can offer both free episodes to attract new listeners and premium content for monetization. This approach allows podcasters to cater to a wider audience while still generating revenue from dedicated subscribers.

What Happens When I Cancel My Premium Podcasting?

All premium content is taken offline immediately and your listeners will lose access to the episodes that were in the RSS feed. Listener subscription payments will be discontinued. We recommend you notify your audience before removing your show.

Is There a Cap on My Earning Potential?

The sky is the limit with revenue earned from Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting. Each show (hosting subscription) under your account is able to add a Blubrry Premium Podcast and earn money, with Blubrry taking 15% in fees.

How Much Should I Price My Premium Podcast?

The most common monthly pricing for a premium or exclusive podcast is somewhere between $5 – $15 a month. We’ve set a minimum of $3 a month for you to start. You can change your pricing at any time, but keep in mind that current subscribers maintain their original cost.

About Premium Podcasting

We’re excited to share more spectacular monetization news for our Blubrry Podcasting family. Blubrry, the podcast hosting and monetization platform that has been your trusted companion since 2005, has just unleashed Blubrry Premium Podcasting.

What does that mean? You’ve poured your heart and soul into your podcast, and you’ve built a loyal fanbase that hangs on to your every word. Now, you can take your content to the next level with Premium Podcasting, where these fans can subscribe to your show and you set the monthly or annual fee. With Premium Podcasting, you can release episodes to the chosen few before broader publication, offer exclusive episodes to your most dedicated listeners, spare them the advertisers, etc. – and make money.

This feature harnesses the power of Blubrry Publisher podcasting feeds with premium capabilities. And here’s the best part – it’s incredibly easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can password-protect your podcast feeds and share your content exclusively with subscribers willing to pay a monthly or annual fee that you set yourself.

You might be thinking – “How is this different from other solutions out there?” Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting option offers a robust and user-friendly approach to safeguarding your valuable content, users are provided a custom RSS feed that is authenticated through a username and password.

A unique feature allows podcasters to dual publish to Apple Premium through delegated delivery while at the same time publishing to there premium podcast listeners on Blubrry. This gives podcasters maximum flexibility to earn through Apple Podcasts and Blubrry Premium.

Here’s how it works:

Feed Protection: Podcasters create custom podcast feeds with authentication handled by a username and password.
User Management: Podcasters can view user subscriptions and expiration dates, along with a robust panel showing earnings and payouts.
Free Subscription Option: Podcasters choose individuals to offer free access to their premium content (up to five listeners).

The service costs $10 a month per podcast and Blubrry’s fee on subscriptions is 15%.  Podcasters are required to have a minimum monthly subscription of $3. The service is designed for no refunds to reduce chargeback processing fees. You will be required to have a standard podcast hosting for each show.

Just like Apple Premium, your show can have public and premium episodes published from the Blubrry Dashboard. PowerPress users? Publish your public show the way you do now and the private episode from the Blubrry Dashboard.

So, whether you’re a seasoned podcaster ready to expand your horizons or a newcomer eager to turn your passion into a revenue stream, Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Why Premium Podcasting?

Podcasters are constantly looking for ways to monetize their work and ensure its sustainability. One such solution is offering a premium podcast subscription, allowing creators to provide exclusive content to paying subscribers.

Managing a premium podcast subscription can be a breeze with the right platform, and Blubrry’s Premium Podcast Subscription is designed precisely for that purpose. This service offers an easy way for podcasters to make money while providing numerous advantages to both the creators and their supportive audience members who opt for premium subscriptions.

One of the most significant advantages of offering premium podcast subscriptions is enhanced podcast monetization. Creators can make money through this model by charging subscribers a fee for access to exclusive content or features. With the Blubrry Premium Podcast Subscription, prices are set by the podcaster. This allows them to determine the value they believe their additional content or benefits hold and charge accordingly.

A factor in convincing listeners to subscribe is ensuring they understand the advantages of supporting their favorite podcasters through a premium podcast subscription. By opting for these subscriptions, listeners gain access to exclusive content unavailable elsewhere while directly supporting their favorite creators financially. This support enables podcasters to continue producing quality content without relying solely on sponsorships or advertisements.

Another appealing feature of premium podcast subscriptions is reduced ad presence or an entirely advertisement-free experience for subscribers. Many listeners find ads intrusive and disruptive when enjoying podcasts; by opting for a paid subscription, they can avoid advertisements altogether while still consuming quality audio content.

Boost Your Podcast’s Growth Potential

Boosting your podcast’s growth potential is another advantage tied closely with offering premium subscriptions. A dedicated following of loyal subscribers can significantly impact your show’s visibility within popular platforms like Apple Podcasts or Spotify as it may lead to better rankings and recommendations. Monetizing through premium subscriptions can grant podcasters the budget flexibility needed for marketing and promotion campaigns, expanding their audience further.

One might question how users are charged when opting for a premium podcast subscription. Typically, podcast subscriptions charge on credit cards on either a monthly or annual basis. The podcast subscription costs vary depending on the tier or package offered by the creators. When signing up for Blubrry’s Premium Podcast Subscription, the plan only costs $10 a month, plus 15% of the money the premium podcaster makes through this service. This pricing structure ensures that Blubrry and podcast creators reap the benefits of premium podcasting without burdening subscribers with exorbitant fees.

Selecting the best premium podcast subscription platform requires evaluating essential factors such as user experience, analytics tools, and customer support offerings. Blubrry’s Premium Podcast Subscription stands out by providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for creators to manage their paid content while allowing them access to in-depth statistics related to subscribers’ activity and engagement levels. Responsive customer support ensures that any concerns or queries from podcasters and subscribers are addressed promptly.

Offering a premium podcast subscription presents numerous advantages in monetization, audience growth potential, and subscriber satisfaction. Platforms like Blubrry’s Premium Podcast Subscription cater explicitly to these needs at affordable rates, enabling creators to make money while providing an enjoyable listening experience free from interruptions from advertisements. As a result, listeners happily contribute towards sustaining their favorite podcasts financially through direct support via premium subscriptions while gaining exclusive access to content catered especially for them.