Premium Podcasting Documentation

Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting provides a simple way for podcasters to publish premium, exclusive, bonus, or ad-free content to their audience. Discover the world of premium podcasting — a dynamic space where exclusive content meets unparalleled engagement. Our documentation will walk you through what premium podcasting entails for both creators and listeners alike.

Note: Blubrry’s Premium Podcasting episodes can be published at the same time as a Premium Apple Podcast Subscription episode.

How to Use Premium Podcasting

Premium Podcast Creator

Order Premium Podcasting

All premium shows require a hosting plan and Premium is purchased through an add-on either during hosting purchasing or within the Podcaster Dashboard for an existing show.

Create Your Premium Subscription

Premium Subscription Settings

Once you’ve purchased your premium podcasting add-on you will be asked a few questions about your subscription plan. Prepare to set a price, choose a keyword that will be used for your promotion page and to include a brief show description.

You can update this information at any time in the ‘Subscriptions’ tab found within the dashboard sidebar, Manage — Show — Subscriptions.

Premium Podcast Subscription Page

Set Up Your Subscribe Page

You’ll need to choose a keyword for your premium podcast show page. Choose this keyword carefully as it cannot be changed.

After you’ve done this you can share this page that outlines your show details, pricing and more, anywhere you’d like such as social media, newsletters, your website, etc.

Share Your Subscribe Page

Copy and paste this link and share it with your audience to promote your premium podcast show. This will allow listeners to learn all about your premium show offering and then create a Blubrry account and sign up for your show. Listeners can locate new episodes within their Blubrry account under Subscriptions.

Publishing Premium Content

You can publish your premium content directly in the Blubrry Publishing platform, found under Create Episode within the dashboard. You’ll select ‘Subscription Episode’ on the right under Media.

From there you can choose if you’d like to release it early, add your show notes and follow the regular publishing routine. When you do publish your premium subscribers will find your new episode in their app or within their Blubrry Subscriptions within the dashboard.

Premium Podcast Listener

Purchasing a Premium Podcast Subscription

You’ll find all the show information and pricing details on the premium podcast subscriber page. From there you can purchase your Premium Subscription. Payments are charged monthly, cost determined by the podcast host/creator, and paid via PayPal.

Premium Listener Credentials

All listeners of Blubrry Podcasting Premium shows are required to create a Blubrry account.

The Blubrry account username and password are separate from the credentials to listen to premium podcast subscriptions.

You can change either of these at any time.

Subscribing to a Premium Podcasting

This outlines how to access the premium show you’ve paid for within your regularly used podcast app. Read here on how to setup access.

Premium Podcasting Apps

These apps allow audiences to listen to exclusive content directly within the app, just like a normal show.

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Overcast
  • Pocket Casts
  • Castbox

Unleash your creativity, connect with your audience and embark on a rewarding podcast journey with premium podcasting. For additional assistance, contact the Blubrry support team.