Grid Shortcode

The grid shortcode displays your entire network, all the programs or those specifically belong to a list. The only required attribute is the ID, which can either be ‘all’ or a specific List ID. The grid shortcode will be written manually by you. All programs displayed will have a link to their specific program page. Programs without a link set to a specific program page will not be displayed in the grid.

[ppn-gridview id=<your-list-id-here> hover=<true> rows =<number-of-rows> cols=<number-of-cols> display-title=<true/false>]

ID can be:

  • ‘All’
  • An existing list ID

Hover (optional):

  • True – zoom effect over entries on mouse hover

Rows (optional):

  • Any number greater than 0 (default is 1)

Cols aka columns (optional):

  • 1,2,3,4 or 6. (default is 4)

Display-title (optional):

  • True: Display the title of the program
  • Fale: Do not display the program title (default)

Notes: This is the most customizable shortcode. You can create a variety of displays with this feature. When applying ‘cols’ and ‘rows’ attributes at the same time, your grid may not display how you’d like. It depends on how many programs you have displayed. Columns override rows, make sure they’re working together correctly.