iTunes Listing Information

Tunes Subscription URL – A setting you do AFTER you are approved on the iTunes store, this setting links PowerPress and iTunes in case there is an issue. It is also a great place to store the URL.

Update iTunes Listing – No Longer Available – Apple has removed this function from iTunes.

iTunes Feed Settings

iTunes uses some other tags in your RSS feed to enhance your listing in the store / podcast directory part of iTunes. This area is where you fill in those extra tags.

iTunes Program Subtitle – Used in some areas of iTunes (such as searching for a podcast), this is a short summary of your overall podcast program (not episode).

iTunes Program Summary – A longer summary of your podcast program (not episode) that will show at the top of your iTunes listing.

iTunes Episode Summary – Enable this feature to use your blog post (show notes) as your episode summary. Blog post lists are formatted for iTunes and all web links are converted to text style URL links so they are click-able in iTunes and in the Podcasts iOS app.

iTunes Program Keywords – NOTE: This tag was deprecated by Apple and officially dropped from iTunes documentation in 2012.

iTunes Category – Select up to three categories you would like your podcast to be listed on in the iTunes store / podcast directory.

iTunes Explicit – If you use profanities or discuss adult topics, set this to “Yes.” Apple has removed shows from their directory in the past when this setting was not set appropriately for a podcast’s content.

iTunes Image – Either upload or provide a link to your iTunes cover image. This image will be used as the main image in your listing. This will not show up automatically while your episode is playing. That is taken from your id3 tags. The iTunes image should be at least 1,400 x 1,400 pixels in .jpg or .png format using RGB color space. (png files are much larger so .jpg is recommended.)

iTunes Talent Name – Name of the host or hosts of the show to be listed on your iTunes listing. You can use your blog post author setting here by checking the box if you have various hosts.

iTunes EmailIMPORTANT! This must be a valid email address so Apple has a way to contact you about your podcast.

iTunes New Feed URL – This setting is done on a NEW feed to let Apple Podcasts subscribers know you moved – This option only works for Apple’s iTunes desktop application and IOS Podcasts App on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Use the 301 redirect to catch all the other podcast catchers.