Migrating from Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin to PowerPress

Switching from the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin to Blubrry PowerPress offers podcasters advanced features like SEO optimization for better discoverability and robust monetization tools to maximize revenue. Additionally, Blubrry PowerPress boasts comprehensive analytics, allowing creators to gain deeper insights into their audience’s behavior and preferences.

There are two ways to migrate:

  1. Migrate the podcast post type to regular posts
  2. Maintain the podcast post type created by Seriously Simple

We recommend the first option since it’s the easiest and will get you on your way much quicker.

Change Post Type Method (Recommended)

NOTE: Don’t forget to backup the database before you proceed.

  1. Get a plugin such as the Post Type Switcher plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-switcher/
    • Use this to edit each Seriously Simple post.
  2. In the Edit Post screen use the Post Type Switcher field to change the post type to post. Repeat this for each episode.
  3. Go into the regular Posts area and edit each post. Be sure you should now have PowerPress enabled at this step. It should at least show the episode in the Podcast Episode box, though you may need to check the box to modify it.
  4. The SSP plugin only stored the media URL, whereas PowerPress also stores the file size and duration, so you will need to click the Verify button in PowerPress to reset the extra metadata. Repeat this for each episode.

Maintain Podcast Post Type

Code snippet would be added to the themes’ functions.php to maintain the SSP podcast post type. More details coming soon.