PowerPress Subscribe Shortcode Embed

The Blubrry PowerPress Subscribe shortcode provides an in-page subscribe embed for both desktop and mobile web browsers.


The PowerPress Subscribe shortcode embed is available in PowerPress 6.0 and newer.


PowerPress Subscribe Embed

Below is an example for the official Blubrry show, Podcast Insider

Podcast Insider
Podcast Insider
Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell & MacKenzie Bennett

Blubrry's Official Podcast where we talk about the Podcasting industry, Blubrry news and interview podcasters on why they started their podcast.

The subscribe buttons all use one-click options compatible with the applications they are intended for.

List of current applications:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn
  • Blubrry
  • iHeartRadio
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • Subscribe By Email
  • Subscribe By Android
  • RSS

Specific apps in the list above are available for free and do not include intrusive advertisements in the app or inserted into the media content. If you have a podcasting application that meets these requirements and you have a documented method for one-click subscribing, please contact us.

PowerPress Subscribe Shortcode Attributes

The Blubrry PowerPress shortcode includes optional attributes for using the subscribe embed with custom podcast channels, post types, categories, and taxonomy podcasting.

  • channel – Specify the podcast channel slug name to display. (only applies to custom podcast channels and post type podcasting)
  • post_type – Specify a custom post type (only applies to post type podcasting)
  • category – Specify a category (only applies to category podcasting)

Starting with PowerPress 7.4.4, you can add the shortcode to archive pages (in addition to pages).

  • archive=”true” – Allow shortcode to appear on archive pages.

You can combine the archive attribute with the shortcode to add the subscribe widget to the top of your category pages. Example code you can add to your category.php file in your WordPress theme:

<?php do_shortcode('[powerpress_subscribe category="123" archive=”true”]'); ?>

The subscribe shortcode may be used to create a subscribe embed for a podcast not manged on the current site by using the following attributes.

  • title – Specify a specific podcast program title
  • subtitle – Specify a subtitle that displays below the program title.
  • image_url – Specify a URL to the programs artwork (should be square image, jpg preferred for optimal bandwidth)
  • feed_url – Specify a specific podcast rss feed URL
  • itunes_url – Specify a specific iTunes listing URL
  • itunes_subtitle – Display the iTunes subtitle for podcast below the podcast program title. Set to “true” to display, “false” (default) otherwise.

Also available are Apple Affiliate buttons

  • itunes_button – Display the official “Subscribe on Apple Podcasts” official button. Set to “true” to display, “false” (default) otherwise.
  • itunes_banner – Display the official “Subscribe on Apple Podcasts” official banner. Set to “true” to display, “false” (default) otherwise.
  • itunes_badge – Display the official “Subscribe on iTunes” official badge. Set to “true” to display, “false” (default) otherwise.

The embed can be styled using one of the two styles included or by creating your own in your theme.

  • style – Set the CSS class extended name to set a specific style for the subscribe embed. Set to “dark” to use the dark color scheme, “modern” for the modern colors scheme (default), or come up with your own.

Simple Example using the subscribe shortcode to display a subscribe embed for your default podcast


This will apply to most podcasters.

Example using the subscribe shortcode for a podcast channel with slug name “pdf”

[powerpress_subscribe channel="pdf"]

Example using the subscribe shortcode for a category podcast using category with slug name “am-show”

[powerpress_subscribe category="am-show"]

Example using the subscribe Shortcode to use the Subscribe on Apple Podcasts official banner

[powerpress_subscribe itunes_banner="true"]

Example using the subscribe shortcode to use the Subscribe on iTunes official button

[powerpress_subscribe itunes_button="true"]

Example using the subscribe shortcode to use the subscribe on iTunes official button

[powerpress_subscribe itunes_badge="true"]

Example using the subscribe shortcode for a podcast hosted on another website

   title="Geek News Central"

Example using the subscribe shortcode using your own CSS to style the subscribe widget

[powerpress_subscribe style="mycolors"]

Then add to your theme’s CSS, such as the following:

/* iTunes button */
.pp-sub-widget-mycolors a.pp-sub-itunes {
    background-color: #732BBE;
/* Podcast Republic button */
.pp-sub-widget-mycolors a.pp-sub-pr {
    background-color: #337EC9;
/* RSS and BeyondPod buttons */
.pp-sub-widget-mycolors a.pp-sub-bp,
.pp-sub-widget-mycolors a.pp-sub-rss {
    background-color: #FF8800;
/* Subscribe on and paragraph above input box */
.pp-sub-widget-mycolors  div.pp-sub-h,
.pp-sub-widget-mycolors  p.pp-sub-m-p {
    color: #337EC9;