Meta Marks

Meta Marks is a new feature included in PowerPress that provides content creators a means to distribute additional meta information with their media. Marks include audio, video, images, comments, advertisements and more. Each Meta Mark may include a value appropriate to that mark as well as a web link (URL). Meta Marks are positioned by specifying the number of seconds when the mark should be used/displayed, along with a duration in seconds how long the mark should be used/displayed.

Meta Marks can be used to:

  • Display an image in your audio podcast during playback, referring to the topic you are discussing in your show. The image can optionally have a web link for additional information.
  • Display a video in your video during playback, making it easy to insert an advertisement. And yes, the video can have a complementing web link for more information.
  • Display a text comment during playback of your media, great for leaving comments about the topic being discussed at the specified position and duration.
  • Display a bookmark that allows users to jump to that position in your media.
  • Insert an advertisement tag to indicate to services where an advertisement is placed in your media.
  • Include a lower third advertisement for placement in your video during playback.
  • And more!

The Meta Marks you create are included in your RSS feed so services that support them can display the specified marks where appropriate in your media.

Additional details regarding Meta Marks are coming soon. Please return to this page for more details.