PowerPress Player Shortcode

What are Shortcodes?

A shortcode (short code) is a WordPress plugin-specific code that lets you insert things into blog posts and pages. Read more about shortcodes at WordPress.org.

The Blubrry PowerPress Player Shortcode

To use the Blubrry PowerPress shortcode, enter the following code within the body of your blog post where you would like the player to be inserted.


Note: The short code must be entered in lowercase.

PowerPress Shortcode Attributes

The Blubrry PowerPress shortcode supports 3 optional attributes for customizing the player behavior.

  • url – Specify a URL to a media file if you do not want to use the associated podcast episode
  • channel (previously feed) – Specify the podcast channel slug name to display only the player for the podcast specified. (only applies to custom podcast channels)
  • image – Specify a URL to a cover image to display in place of the player (experimental, does not work for all media)
  • width – set the video player width (overrides default width)
  • height – set the video player height (overrides default height)

Example: Using a custom media URL

Display a player for a media file not associated to your podcast episode:

[powerpress url="http://example.com/path/to/media.mp3"]

Example: Specifying the Custom Podcast Channel

Presuming you have a Custom Podcast channel using the slug ‘pdf’:

[powerpress channel="pdf"]

The default podcast channel slug name is “podcast”, example would look like this:

[powerpress channel="podcast"]

Example: Using a custom cover image

Replaces the default cover image with a different one:

[powerpress image="http://example.com/path/to/image.jpg"]

Note: The image is not used for some media types. This feature is experimental and may not work for all media types.