Blubrry PowerPress 8.6 beta 2 – Blubrry Stats Summary

PowerPress 8.6 is now available on

Thank you for being here, beta tester! We’re eager to have you test our next release!

PowerPress 8.6 beta is here!

New PowerPress features

Version 8.6 includes a number of new features and updates. New features include:

  • A Blubrry Stats chart that will appear in the main WordPress dashboard as well as the PowerPress Settings Welcome tab.
Blubrry Statistics summary as it appears in the PowerPress Settings section.
Blubrry Statistics summary as it appears on the main WordPress dashboard.

Requirements and download

PowerPress 8.6 requires WordPress version 3.6 or newer. WordPress 5.2+ is recommended.

Note: PowerPress 8.2 may be the last version that supports PHP 5.2. Future versions will require PHP 5.6 or newer. PHP 7.2 or newer is recommended.

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