Premium Podcasting with MemberPress

Setting up a premium podcast with MemberPress is quite easy.

  1. Go to the PowerPress menu > Tools sub-menu (found on the left navigation bar of WordPress. Under tools, click the option “Add Password Protection Capabilities for Control of Which Users can Access Your Podcasts” to enable.
  2. Create a Membership for your Premium Podcast feed by visiting MemberPress > Memberships. Click “Add New” and fill out the attributes.
  3. Create a new (or edit an en existing custom) podcast channel. Go to the “Other” tab. There will be a section titled “Password Protect Podcast Channel” where you can set the capability to “MemberPress: Title of Premium Membership”

When your members attempt to access a feed they’ll be prompted for their membership username and password.

More details are documented on the MemberPress Blubrry PowerPress Integration page.