What is the difference between Pre-roll and Full Ad Insertion?

Pre-roll: Can only be added to the beginning of the file.

Full Ad Insertion: Can be added anywhere. You can also have multiple programs per campaign with full ad insertion, while you can only have one with pre-roll.

How will new files affect my podcast statistics?

Statistics are based on file names, so if you upload a file with a new name, you will see totals, etc for both files.

I have a question about fees and costs.

Contact us here.

Can I continue to publish in PowerPress?

You cannot publish in both the Blubrry Dashboard and PowerPress. You need to set a schedule for your campaign(s) within the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard and you can continue to publish as normal within PowerPress.

How Do I Add ID3 Comment Tags?

Mac Users: We suggest ID3 Tag Editor. It’s available for free in the App Store.

Windows Users: We suggest File Explorer. Right click on the episode file -> Properties -> Details. Here you can directly edit the ID3 comments field. Once finished, click apply and the tag will be updated.