How to Implement a Statistics Redirect

Blubrry Podcast Statistics (both free and standard versions) use the same method to measure a podcast download, a tracking prefix that you put in front of your media URLs.

How it works

A special tracking prefix URL is placed in front of the URL where the media file is hosted. This new URL is followed; the servers immediately redirect the request to the original media URL. The process records all of the necessary metadata to report the download in the statistics system.

Statistics gathering is a separate process from the processing and reporting to provide a nearly 100 percent up-time guarantee. The “logging” servers have only one task and redundancy is applied to assure 100 percent up-time. Because of this setup, there is a delay of 1 to 2 hours between a logged download and the statistical analysis.

How to add statistics support to your own application

Each program is issued a unique Media Statistics Redirect URL (tracking prefix URL). This URL will measure media downloads for any type of audio, video, portable documents hosted on a HTTP/1.1-complaint service. Common audio formats include mp3 and m4a. Common video formats include mp4, m4v. Common portable documents include pdf and epub. For a full list please see the audio, video and document formats supported section at the bottom of this document. Both http and https is supported.

Example Statistics Redirect URL:

Example Media URL without the redirect:

Take the Media URL and remove the https:// from the beginning of the URL address.

Then place the statistics redirect URL in front of the media URL:

The provided media redirect URL / tracking prefix URL should be applied anywhere you link to your media URLS including in website players, website download links, as well as in your podcast RSS feeds.

Applications with configuration settings

For applications that provide configuration settings, a field labeled “Statistics Tracking Prefix” or “Media Statistics Redirect URL” is ideal and allows your users to simply copy and paste their unique statistics media redirect URL into the field and click “save.”

Audio, video and document formats supported

Essentially any audio and video file format is supported by the Blubrry Statistics system. If the standard HTTP content type for the document starts with “audio” or “video” (e.g. audio/mp3) then there will be no issues.