Episode settings

Basic Episode Settings

Podcast entry box – This setting adds or eliminates fields that will show in your podcast episode box for each post. Each check-box adds another function as explained below.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.29.12 PM

Media URL (on by default) – Put the address to your media file.  Example: http://example.com/media/my_great_podcast_episode_2.mp3

Media file size and duration (on by default) – Gives you an area to specify the file size and duration of your media file. Also lets you select Auto Detect.

Embed field – This is mainly for video podcasters. If checked, it will give you a place to put the embed code for the YouTube, Viddler or any other embed-able video. This embedded video will replace the selected player from PowerPress. Your media file will still be delivered from your server or media host to viewers subscribed to your RSS feed.

Display player and link options – Gives you the option, on a per-episode basis, to show the player and links in the post.

Poster imageMainly for video podcasters, this allows you to put in a URL to an image that will replace the poster image shown in the video player before the play button is clicked on a per-episode basis.

Player width and height – This field allows you to specify the size of the player on a per episode basis.

iTunes subtitle field – Leave this one unchecked to use the first 250 characters of your blog post for the episode.

iTunes summary field – Leave unchecked to use your blog post.

iTunes author field – Leave unchecked to use your post author name.

iTunes explicit field – Leave this unchecked to use your default explicit setting.

iTunes episode image field – Leave unchecked to use the image embedded into your media files.

iTunes closed captioned – Only select this if your video is closed captioned.

iTunes order – This lets you determine the order the listing on iTunes instead of having the newest episode first. Note: If conflicting values are present, the iTunes directory will use its default ordering. This feature will only work on the default podcast only feed or channel feeds that PowerPress adds. Will not work on the blog feed from WordPress or category feeds.

Feature episode in iTunes –  display the selected episode at top of your iTunes and Google Play Music directory listings.

All other episodes will be listed following the featured episode.
This feature only applies to the default podcast feed and Custom Podcast Channel feeds added by PowerPress.

Google Play Description Field – Leave this one unchecked to use your blog post for the episode.

Google Play Explicit Field – Leave unchecked to use your feed’s explicit setting

Prevent episodes from appearing in iTunes and other directories that support the iTunes:block tag. Episodes may still appear in other directories and applications. USE AT OWN RISK!

Prevent episodes from appearing in Google Play Music. Episodes may still appear in other directories and applications. USE AT OWN RISK!

Other settings

Podcast permalinks – This overrides the default permalinks settings and matches  http://example.com/podcast/ to a page/category named “podcast.”