Affiliate Promotions

We offer two affiliate promotions: Hosting and Pro Hosting

These promotions can be promoted simultaneously and bought separately. Hosting provides two free  months of any Standard Hosting plan and Pro waives the setup fee for new customers.

Commissions are earned after the first month of payment (three months total) when customers purchase from your link or use your promo code. Commissions are paid every other month (starting February) and include any matured commissions totaling $50 or more.

Example: A customer has a $12.00 per month hosting service plan. Affiliates earn $12.00 in commission when the customer pays for their first month of service, excluding the two free months.

Example: A new pro hosting customer has their setup fee of $100.00 waived. Affiliates earn $100.00 in commission when the customer pays for their first month of service, excluding the two free months.

If the second payment is made in late December, the commission payment will be made in the next period. If the second payment is made in March, the commission will be added to the next period’s payment.

Hosting with Blubrry is favorable because it integrates with WordPress. The Blubrry plugin PowerPress, ensures that users do not have to leave their website, and that they are able to build their own brand. The speed and simplicity PowerPress provides is one of the most important features of hosting with Blubrry.

Blubrry Hosting (at or with WordPress)

  • Unlimited downloads
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Optimized for Apple and podcasting platforms
  • Audio, audiobook, video, ePub and PDF supported
  • Media hosted on our top-tier content delivery network (CDN) with more than 35 data centers throughout the world to provide the lowest latency (response time in seconds) possible
  • Upload using HTML5 technology, no special uploading tools or software required
  • Automated ID3 tagging (both artwork and textual metadata written to your mp3s)
  • Episodes hosted until you cancel service
  • Media validation (make sure your media will play on all podcast platforms)
  • Standard Podcast Statistics included ($5.00 monthly value)
  • Free technical support by email, phone and video
  • FTP access is available upon request

Blubrry Hosting at

  • Audio player: customizable, Blubrry brand free, share and subscribe options included.
  • Your own podcast web pages on
  • Apple compliant podcast (RSS) feed for syndication
  • Schedule episodes for easy publishing

Blubrry Hosting with WordPress

  • Upload and publish on one screen from your WordPress website
  • Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) hosting your podcast on your own website
  • You are in control
  • Your syndication (podcast RSS feed) resides on your own website

    • All podcast links point back to your website
    • Your podcast content can take advantage of all WordPress has to offer

Talking Points

Blubrry hosting is highly optimized for using WordPress with PowerPress. Publishing your podcast is a simple three step system.

  1. Record and produce your podcast
  2. Write your blog post aka show notes
  3. Publish

Strong selling points

  • No third-party sites to log into
  • Never leave your own website
  • You remain in control
  • Own your RSS feed

Scenario: A podcaster records their show, edits and finalizes their media. They then log into WordPress and start a new blog post. Below the blog post they can upload their episode. By the time they are done writing the media is uploaded and ready to publish and the process is finished.

Support for all platforms (if you are not a WordPress user)

  • Blubrry on-site publishing

    • You can have a single point of presence at
    • All standard blog posting features
    • Schedule posting support
    • ID3 tag writing support
    • Optimized for Apple and podcasting platforms
  • Weblog API support for cross-posting to non-WordPress sites (if needed)
  • Direct media link that can be used on other CMS platforms