Syndicating a Donate Link in Your Podcast

PowerPress version 6.1 introduced a new option, “Donate Link” within the podcast feed settings. This new option allows podcasters to syndicate a link specifically for accepting donations, allowing podcasters to crowdfund their podcast.

For Podcasters

Blubrry worked with SkipCast, an iOS podcast application, to provide the power of crowdfunded podcast syndication. Applications like SkipCast will display your donate link along with show information to help you monetize your podcast.

Podcasters are welcome to create a landing page on their website with donation information, or use a service such as Patreon to manage their crowdfunding strategy.

Supported Podcast Donation Applications

The following podcasting applications currently support the syndicated donation information.

More applications are coming soon.

Don’t see your favorite podcasting app in the list above? Please contact them and include a link to this page asking them kindly to incorporate the Donate information into their apps.

For Application Developers

Podcast app developers may incorporate the donate information simply by parsing the following tag from the podcast feed:

<rawvoice:donate href=”URL”>Optional Label</rawvoice:donate>

The donate tag will always have an href attribute which points to the donation page URL. The tag value is optional and is limited to 250 characters in length.

Podcast applications, plugins and feed generating services are welcome to adopt the RawVoice namespace to incorporate donation links into their syndication applications.