Blubrry Hosting with PowerPress

With Blubrry Media Hosting, publishing your podcast episodes directly from your WordPress site has never been easier. By linking your hosting service to your website, you can streamline the entire process.

To get started, simply write your episode post as you normally would and select “Choose File” under the “Podcast Episode” box. From there, you can either select a media file you’ve previously uploaded to Blubrry Hosting or upload new media directly to your Blubrry Hosting account.

Linking Your Blubrry account to your WordPress site

After setting up your Blubrry Hosting plan, head to the PowerPress Settings page and click the “Let’s Connect” button. Then, enter your Blubrry login email and password, and select the program you wish to use for this website. Once you save your changes, your WordPress site will be linked to your Blubrry Podcast Hosting account.

Create a post, upload and publish

Publishing episodes is as easy as writing a blog post, just upload your episode between the process of drafting your show notes and publishing your post.

It’s important to note that any media files uploaded to Blubrry Hosting are held in a private, unpublished state until you associate them with a published blog post. This feature gives you more control over when files are used against your 30-day media hosting storage space.

For a detailed demonstration video of the Blubrry publishing system, please see: Podcast Publishing as Simple as 1, 2, 3.