Blubrry's Thrive Bundle

Watch your show flourish with Pre-roll ad insertion, Expanded Episode listener comparison, First ever Listener and subscriber data,  Additional Quicklinks features, and Podcast 2.0 features.

Let your Podcast Thrive

Breakin’ down the bundle

  • The Thrive Bundle gives you Dynamic Ad Insertion pre-roll to promote previous episodes or events in addition to ads.
  • By comparing five episodes with episodes trending, you can see which ones had faster uptake from listeners.
  • You can track listeners and subscribers, see if your show is growing and adjust — a brand-new stats feature.
  • Average Daily Plays is a unique metric that gives you insights to show growth and long tail consumptions of your podcast.
  • Adding hyperlinks, V4V, Donation & Analytics to Quicklinks gives you greater power to engage with your audience.
  • And now, Apple Podcast reviews within the Blubrry stats dashboard allow you to promote your accolades on social media.
  • All this for only $10 a month added to your plan

Three new podcast metrics to better understand your audience.

Episode Comparison

Thrive Bundle users can select five episodes to compare how the episodes are doing. Performance check compares the effectiveness of different social or advertising strategies and A|B tests.

Estimated Audience

We’ve separated your audience into Listeners and Subscribers:

  • Listeners are the daily average of listeners over the 12 most recent episodes, all listens.
  • Subscribers are the daily average of all listens over the 12 most recent episodes within the past 48 hours of your published show, available to Thrive Bundle users.

Average Daily Plays

We take the latest 12 episodes published, add up the individual daily plays for those 12 episodes, and divide by 12 to determine the average daily plays. While the number may seem low, this graph will track your show episode performance over time. If you have a growing audience, the average will increase over time. It will also give you insights into how your show is consumed in the early back catalog, as the more listens you have on older episodes will raise your ADP.

Podcast Reviews

View Apple Podcast reviews and share them on social media, imported automatically.



A simple, branding-free page with your own customizable links. Designed to direct your audience to wherever you want. With the following additional features:

  •       5 Custom Links of Your Choosing
  •       Donation Link for (Paypal, Pateron, Buy me a Coffee)
  •       Value4Value Donation Link
  •       Google Analytics Tracking

Dynamic Ad Insertion

We’ve made pre-roll ad insertion painless to place advertisements/promos at the start of your show. Previously available to only our professional hosting podcasters.

With the Thrive Bundle, you can use our ad insertion campaign system for any sponsorships/promotions that you manage on your own.


Only $10 a month add-on

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We will continue to improve and add new features to our growing list of podcast tools to help you and your podcast thrive.