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Get Set up for Podcasting Success

We take care of the technical setup. Our concierge team will ensure everything is configured to your wishes and ready for your podcast launch.

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Taking the Stress Out of Starting Your Podcasting

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of podcasting? Creating engaging content, building a loyal audience and sharing your unique voice has never been easier than with Blubrry’s Concierge Onboarding Service. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a complete beginner, our onboarding service sets you on the right path at the beginning of your show’s podcasting path, making sure you start strong and stay on track.

Your Smooth Start to Podcasting

You provide us with the details for your new show, we get your website set up and ready! This includes help in getting your podcast distributed to Apple Podcasts and Spotify to start. Plus our concierge team, with 25 years of podcasting experience, will walk you through everything so that you can hit the ground running.

Get to Know What We Offer

Blubrry has Standard and Advanced Hosting plans, plus Professional and Private Hosting options, No matter your hosting choice, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our suite of widgets and embeds designed to transform your podcast website into an interactive hub for your audience. Plus, Blubrry’s Podcast AI Assistant is available through the Thrive Bundle.


Why Choose Concierge Onboarding?

  • Simplicity is Key: We believe in keeping things simple. Our onboarding process is designed to eliminate part of the learning curve that often comes with podcasting setup. You don’t need to be a tech guru to get started because we’re here to help.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every podcaster and their needs are unique. Our onboarding service is tailored to your specific goals and requirements.
    • We will explain your publishing options and help you decide on the right one.
  • Effortless Setup: Forget about the headaches of configuring hosting, RSS feeds and publishing platforms. We’ll take care of the technical details so you can focus on creating content.
  • Training Included: We provide one-on-one training to get you set up for success.

How It Works

  • Intake Form: Immediately after you’ve purchased Concierge Onboarding, you can fill out our quick intake form to give us the information we need to get you onboarded.
    • Before we start, though, we’ll have a quick 15-minute phone call to review your choices.
  • Sit Back: Our support team will take it from here! We’ll work setting up your show on your Blubrry WordPress Site (or whatever you’ve chosen).
  • Hands-On Review: Our team will review what we have done with you, ensuring your podcast is ready for launch.
  • Ongoing Support: We’re here for you post-launch. Our team is just a message away if you have questions or need assistance.

Podcast Information

Be Prepared to Answer Some Questions for a Seamless Process


After you fill out the intake form, we’ll conduct a short meeting to review your answers and ensure we handle your setup properly.


Podcast Information                                         Publishing and Distribution Options                              

• Your Podcast Title                                           • Choose Your Way of Publishing

• Your Podcast Description                                   – Self-Hosted WordPress Site

• Choosing a Podcast Category                           –   Blubrry WordPress Site

• Explicit or Clean Content                                    –   Blubrry Publisher


                                          Submitting to Directories

• Apple

• Spotify

• iHeartRadio, etc.


Sit Back and Relax


Wait for Blubrry to take care of the technical aspect. We’ll be with you shortly to review the setup soon.


Final Review


We meet again to review and walkthrough of your account.


Podcast Directory Submission


Go over any final details on submissions and answer any questions you may have.

Join the Blubrry Podcast Onboarding Community

With Blubrry Podcasting Concierge Onboarding, you’re not just getting a service, you’re joining a thriving podcasting community. Share your successes, learn from others and celebrate every milestone together.

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Don’t let the complexities of podcasting hold you back. Start your podcasting journey the easy way with Blubrry Podcast Onboarding. Your audience is waiting – make your voice heard today!