Podcast Widgets & Embeds

Elevate Your Podcast with Interactive Widgets & Embeds

Unlock a World of Engagement and Growth

Welcome to the future of podcasting, where your content meets engagement like never before; a suite of widgets and embeds designed to transform your podcast website into an interactive hub for your audience. With these tools, you’re not just broadcasting; you’re engaging, understanding, and growing your community with every episode.

Widgets That Set Your Podcast Apart

  • Funding & Value4Value: Open the door to support from your community through direct donations, making it easier for fans to contribute to your success.
  • Credits: Give credit where it’s due, showcasing the hard work of your team and featured guests.
  • Trailers: Give listeners an embeddable player to preview your show
  • Boostagram: Receive real-time feedback and shoutouts from your audience, adding a personal touch to your episodes.
  • Live Show Info: Keep your audience informed about upcoming live shows, ensuring they never miss an episode.
  • Subscribe: Listeners can easily click on their preferred app to subscribe
  • Audience Surveys: Grow your subscriber base and gain insights into your listeners’ preferences with easy-to-use tools.
  • Podroll: Promote other podcasts you love, fostering a sense of community and discovery among your listeners.
Example of Show Credits widget featuring names and titles of the podcast creators.
Example: Show Credits iFrame widget on Blubrry’s show, Podcast Insider.

Designed with Podcasters in Mind

Crafted for ease of use, our widgets and embeds require minimal technical know-how for installation and customization. Whether you’re a podcasting veteran or new to the scene, these tools are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing website, providing a rich, interactive experience for your listeners without the hassle.

Why Choose Blubrry Widgets & Embeds?

Enhanced Engagement: Keep your audience hooked with interactive features that encourage participation and feedback.
Greater Insights: Learn more about your listeners’ preferences and behaviors, helping you tailor your content for maximum impact.
Monetization Opportunities: Explore new avenues for funding, enabling your passion for podcasting to flourish.
Accessibility and Convenience: Make your podcast more accessible and easy to navigate, improving the overall listener experience.

Transform your podcast website into a dynamic, interactive space with Blubrry’s widgets and embeds.

Example of a trailer episode player.
Each podcast can add a trailer episode to live on their website.

Visit our Widget & Embeds section under Show – Manage found in the Podcaster Dashboard  now to discover how you can enhance your podcasting experience, deepen audience engagement, and accelerate your growth.

For more information and support on integrating these tools into your website, the Blubrry team is here to help. Dive into the future of podcasting with Blubrry’s innovative solutions and take your podcast to new heights.