Submit Podcast to Pandora

Pandora internet radio is a popular streaming service that offers personalized music stations based on users’ music preferences and feedback. It employs the Music Genome Project, a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes songs’ characteristics to curate a seamless and tailored listening experience. This page will assist you with submitting your podcast popular internet radio and podcast listening service Pandora.

Pandora and the Podcast Genome Project

In December of 2018, Pandora launched the Podcast Genome Project to effortlessly serve highly personalized podcast recommendations that are  unique to listeners tastes. Pandora examines over 1,500 data points to match content to listeners.

Before you submit your podcast to Pandora

Prepare to submit your podcast to Pandora by meeting the following requirements.

  1. Your artwork is a square jpg or png formatted image at least 1200 x 1200 and at most 7000 x 7000 in size in RGB color space (1400 x 1400 jpg image recommended).
  2. A unique podcast program title with unique branding.
  3. You must have created at least one blog post with media (a podcast episode) in either MP3 or M4A format.

Information needed for submitting your podcast to Pandora

  • Podcast RSS feed
  • Contact info (name, email, etc.)
  • Show Information (name, description)
  • Ownership information (company name or person who owns podcast)
  • Show’s basic info (how often you release, number downloads, etc..)
  • TV rating of show (G, PG, PG-13, or R)
  • Audio quality (bit rate and sample rate)
  • Social links (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)

Submit your podcast to Pandora

Submit your podcast to Pandora here!

Given the volume of interest, not all shows will be selected for inclusion. Pandora will be in touch if your show is selected.

Independent podcast submissions are reviewed and approved individually, so please allow time to hear back and do not submit the same podcast twice. Once your podcast feed has been onboarded, subsequent episodes will be automatically added to Pandora.