Email Notifications from Apple Podcasts

There are three types of email notifications you could receive from Apple regarding your podcast.

All notification emails will come from the following address.

iTunes Store <>

Apple Podcasts submission

Typically within one hour of adding your podcast to Apple Podcasts, you will receive an “Apple Podcasts Submission” email. This email is a receipt that your submission was received and is now under review. The review process typically takes 1-3 days but can take as long as 14 days during busy seasons of the year, like holidays, Apple software/product releases, and updates.

Apple Podcasts show approval

When your podcast is approved, you will receive an email titled “Apple Podcasts Show Approval.” It will include your podcast feed URL you submitted to Apple as well as a unique Apple Podcasts one-click subscribe URL, also referred to as an affiliate URL.

Apple Podcasts show rejected

If your podcast is rejected, you will receive an email titled “Apple Podcasts Show Rejected.” The email will not be specific about the issue other than indicating there were technical problems with the feed.


The instructions in the rejection email may be followed, but if doing so does not resolve the problem, review the following list of typical reasons why a podcast may be rejected

Reasons a podcast may be rejected by Apple

  1. Copyrighted material within the media, title, descriptions or artwork
  2. Use of explicit language in the podcast when the <explicit> tag is not set to “yes”
  3. Explicit or self-censored explicit language in podcast titles, subtitles, or descriptions
  4. References to illegal drugs, profanity, or violence in the title, description, or cover art
  5. Images or language that could be construed as racist, misogynist, or homophobic
  6. Images depicting sex, violence, gore, illegal drugs, or hate themes
  7. Third-party trademarks without authorization or usage rights
  8. The words “iTunes Store,” “iTunes,” “Apple Inc.” or “Apple Podcasts”
  9. iTunes Store logo, Apple logo, or the term “Exclusive” without prior authorization from Apple
  10. Technical issues with your feed (see Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts)

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