Submit Podcast to Podcast Index

Podcast Index is an independent podcast repository for podcasts that can be used by developers of apps as an alternative to the established podcast directories. The Podcast Index is a community-driven initiative focused on providing an open, decentralized and censorship-resistant index of podcasts. It aims to offer a more inclusive platform for podcast creators and listeners, empowering them to control their content and data without reliance on centralized platforms.

The Podcast Index mission:

Preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech.

Re-tool podcasting to a platform of value exchange that includes developers with podcasters and listeners.

More information can be found at

To submit to the Podcast Index you need to have a valid RSS feed with at least one episode published.

  1.  Login to (If you don’t have an account, get one here for free and add your show to the directory, also free).
  2. Click here to Submit to Podcast Index.
  3. Put in your RSS feed address (including http:// or https://).
  4. Submit

Come back in 30 minutes or so to see the results. If it says “Feed already exists,” your show was already submitted some other way and nothing more needs to be done.