Show Notes & Episode Descriptions

Good Show Notes Are Imperative to Promote Your Podcast

podcast show notes | BlubrryWhen producing your podcast episodes, it is important that you write comprehensive show notes and episode descriptions. Putting a sentence or two in the post is not effective. Use spell check and proofread your notes to avoid grammatical errors and ensure you are correctly getting your idea across in your notes. If you take the time to write thorough show notes, your audience (and search engines) will reward you with traffic.

Artificial Intelligence can be helpful in writing your show notes. Do NOT assume, however, everything that AI comes up with is accurate. You must double-check your show notes for accuracy and to adjust for your brand style.

Take some time and highlight topics covered in your show and include links to sites and/or resources that are relevant to that episode. This will help search engines such as Google classify your content and will build your page rank, which will drive search traffic to your site.

When attracting new listeners or viewers, you have only a few seconds to capture and retain their attention. When you mention the topics covered in your show notes you improve the likelihood the visitor will download/stream your episode, and others after.