Audio podcasting

If you choose an audio format for your podcast, you’ll want to know about some of the basic tools you can use to record and edit audio. The following are a few examples.


Audacity is a very popular and free recording and editing program that works well on both Windows machines and Macs.

Adobe Audition is a fantastic commercial package that has a full editing suite.

Audio podcasting gear and kits

We have worked with the folks at B&H to come up with a nice package that should hit every price range.

Starter Kit

Pro USB Kit

Portable Recorders

Premium Pro Kit

Media formats

Audio podcasts are almost always encoded in MP3 format. MP3 format plays on all audio players and offers the best balance between compression (meaning smaller file sizes) and quality.

Other audio formats can tempt podcasters since some formats have better audio quality and/or smaller file sizes. Keep in mind that most formats are software and/or device-specific, which will limit who can consume your content. For this reason, we recommend publishing your content in the MP3 format.

Recording and editing tips

Beginners should exercise lots of patience when recording and editing media for the first time. Plan several dry runs. Make the episodes short. And make the goal to become comfortable with the recording process and familiar with the tools you are using. You may not like the finished product the first time around. That’s OK. Take it as a learning experience and commit yourself to do better next time.

Before publishing your recordings in MP3 format, it is important to edit the MP3’s information such as the artist, song title, album title, and cover art image. Detailed information on how to edit this information can be found here.