Podcast Advertising Tips

Podcast advertising offers an opportunity for podcasters to generate revenue by promoting products or services to their engaged audience. Blubrry’s Programmatic Advertising has greatly simplified the need for taking several often arduous steps.

There are several ways, however, to attract advertisers. Navigating how to get podcast advertising can involve reaching out to potential advertisers directly, leveraging podcast advertising networks or utilizing platforms that connect podcasters with relevant sponsors.

The process of obtaining and managing podcast advertising deals can sometimes be complex. Here are basic tips to help you make your podcast one that is advertising and sponsorship ready.

  1. Know your audience. Do the best you can to know your audience size along with some general demographic information.
  2. Publish on a consistent schedule. Shows that have a track record of keeping a regular schedule are more attractive to advertisers than those published whenever. A consistent schedule tells the potential sponsor that you are very likely to deliver your audience.
  3. Maintain a current media kit, such as this one offered by Blubrry. This kit is updated daily and provides a lot of information about your show to people who might want to sponsor you. Include only the information you deem pertinent.
  4. Prepare your audience for advertising. Feel free to let your audience know that you are seeking sponsorship. Someone in the audience may want to sponsor you! Get feedback on the types of advertising they might like to have in your podcast.