Podcasting Networks

Woman looking at a podcast networkA podcasting network is a connected collective of several podcast shows built around a central theme, audience or purpose. Blubrry Podcasting makes creating a podcast network simple by providing all Blubrry Pro Hosting customers access to its Podcast Network Tool. This enables podcasters to create a new network right from their WordPress site. The network feature is part of our WordPress podcasting plugin, PowerPress.

The purpose of a podcast network lies in its ability to foster collaboration, support and growth for creators while providing listeners with a rich array of content, all conveniently located under a common banner. 

A core strength of these networks is their role in content distribution. Podcast networks greatly simplify the distribution process through the consolidated handling of several podcasts. They are the powerhouse responsible for managing the launch and distribution of podcasts on various online platforms and their promotion and exposure to broader audiences. The ability to deploy podcasts on multiple platforms from one central network significantly enhances their reach and, thus, increases their potential impact. 

Plus, the inherent structure of podcast networks cultivates a sense of community among the podcasters they host. This communal environment provides a platform for creators to exchange ideas, seek insight, and gain inspiration from their like-minded peers. These networks’ shared experiences and challenges fuel the creative process, fostering an enriching climate of innovation in podcasting. 

With the Blubrry Network Tool, podcasters can add or delete any show they want, even shows outside their Blubrry Pro Hosting account. Podcasters can either reach out to podcasters on their own and external podcasters can apply on your website. When you invite a podcaster to have their show included in your network, applications are received via the network admin page. After your review, the podcaster can accept or reject the application, and easily add the show to their network lineup.

In the age of digital media, independent podcast networks have become increasingly popular due to their benefits for both podcast creators and listeners. One significant advantage is the interconnectedness they provide. Listeners can quickly discover and access multiple podcasts that cater to their interests, all within a single network. This reduces the effort involved in searching for suitable content and introduces them to possibly undiscovered yet relevant podcasts. This interconnectedness creates a win-win situation for both podcast creators and listeners.

Not all podcast networks are created equal, and finding one that suits your needs can be a make-or-break factor. Advanced platforms like Blubrry shine in their support for podcast networks.  Blubrry goes the extra mile by offering a range of tools that help network-sized podcasters manage and grow their podcasting audience with professional hosting plans. These plans provide network tools to manage multiple shows under a single account, making managing a podcast network a breeze. 

Podcast digital collaborationBlubrry is committed to providing podcasters the ease and freedom to create content without worrying about distribution and network management. This amalgamation of services is beneficial, especially for small podcast networks, where resources may often be limited. The cost efficiency and convenience enabled by employing a professional host with network tools like Blubrry make it a compelling choice for podcast networks aiming to broaden their footprint in the podcasting world. 

Podcast networks are much more than a conglomerate of podcasts. They fulfill crucial roles in the podcasting ecosystem, aiding in efficient podcast distribution, fostering collaboration among creators, and contributing to a richer podcasting landscape for listeners. Their value can be significantly heightened by employing professional podcast hosting services such as Blubrry, reinforcing their significance in the podcasting landscape.

Benefits of Podcasting Networks

The popularity of podcasting networks is on the rise, thanks to their vast benefits. Networks offer elements such as promoting your podcast, utilizing podcasting tools, efficient podcast monetization, and successful podcast distribution. So, what exactly are the benefits of podcasting networks?


A podcast network is an excellent way to distribute your content across multiple channels and reach a wider audience. By joining a network, you can leverage the network’s existing distribution channels to promote your podcast and attract new listeners.

One of the key advantages of being part of a podcast network is the ability to cross-promote your podcast with other podcasts in the network. This means that listeners of one podcast may be introduced to your podcast, and vice versa. This can help to expand your reach and introduce your content to new audiences.

Podcast networks also often have established relationships with distribution channels, enabling them to distribute podcasts efficiently across a broader realm. This can make content more accessible to a global audience, enhancing opportunities for growth and engagement. 

Tools for success

The competition to produce high-quality podcast content has grown more intense with the growth of the podcast industry. With so many podcasts vying for listeners’ attention, it’s crucial to have the right tools to create a polished and engaging show. That’s where podcasting networks come in. These networks offer a system that can help streamline the podcast production process. From analytics that allow you to track listener demographics to editing software that ensures flawless audio output, and scheduling tools that help you deliver consistent content, podcasting networks make podcasting seamless and productive. Podcasters can then focus on creating great content and building a loyal audience.

Podcast monetization

Network advantagesPodcasting has become a popular medium for content creators to reach audiences and share their perspectives on various topics. However, for podcasters to monetize their content, they often need to join podcast networks. These networks can negotiate advertising deals with sponsors and advertisers, which can be challenging for independent podcasters to secure on their own. 

Plus, podcast networks can help podcasters secure sponsorship contracts and recurring listener donations, which can significantly supplement their podcast revenue model. Overall, joining a podcast network can open up new avenues of financial success, making podcast monetization a central motif of the podcasting universe. 

Podcasting networks are the future

Podcasting production coordinated within a network can amplify quality and reach. Podcasting networks often provide a production team that offers ongoing support while producing and managing the podcast. This expert supervision helps to ensure that the technical aspects meet industry standards, leading to enriched content and a smoother user interface.

Besides the practicalities of making and managing podcasts, joining a network can also help creators connect with like-minded listeners and viewers. A unified network ambiance attracts an audience interested in similar genres, fostering engagement and discussions that enrich one’s podcasting experience. This also leads to increased brand recognition and a higher listener count. 

How To Start or Join a Podcast Network

Podcast networks provide various benefits, including marketing support, high-quality production services and sponsorship opportunities. Blubrry, a top-tier podcast hosting, marketing, and stats platform, understands that a podcast network’s shared resources and camaraderie can help a podcast grow and thrive. 

Here are 10 tips to help you get started:

  • Research Existing Networks:
    • Look into existing podcast networks to understand their structure, genres, and audience. This helps in identifying a network that aligns with your podcast’s theme or provides insights for starting your own.
  • Define Your Niche and Goals:
    • Clearly define the niche or focus of your podcast and what you aim to achieve by joining or starting a network. This clarity is essential for attracting the right audience and collaborators.
  • Create High-Quality Content:
    • Ensure your podcast offers high-quality content and production. Good audio quality, engaging topics, and professional presentation are key to attracting a network or members for your network.
  • Network with Other Podcasters:
    • Build relationships with other podcasters, either online or through events. Networking can lead to collaborations, guest appearances, and insights into joining or forming a network.
  • Understand the Technical Requirements:
    • Familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of podcasting, such as hosting platforms, distribution, and analytics. This knowledge is crucial for operating successfully within a network.
  • Develop a Strong Brand and Online Presence:
    • Create a recognizable brand and maintain an active online presence through social media, a website, and engagement with listeners. A strong brand makes your podcast more attractive to networks and potential collaborators.
  • Consider the Financial Aspects:
    • Understand the potential costs and revenue models of joining or starting a network. This includes membership fees, advertising revenue, and any shared resources.
  • Prepare a Pitch:
    • If you’re looking to join a network, prepare a compelling pitch that highlights your podcast’s uniqueness, audience reach, and how it complements the network’s portfolio.
  • Explore Legal and Contractual Obligations:
    • Be aware of any legal or contractual commitments involved in joining or forming a network. This includes rights to content, revenue-sharing agreements, and responsibilities of each party.
  • Be Open to Collaboration and Feedback:
    • Collaboration is key in a network. Be open to feedback, cross-promotion, and working with other members to grow together. This collaborative spirit can lead to greater success for all involved.