Monetizing Your Content

Podcasters often seek to monetize their shows to support their passion and cover production costs — maybe even make it into a career. As a podcaster, this allows you to focus more time and energy on creating high-quality content for your audience.

Earning revenue from your podcast can also serve as a measure of success and validation for your efforts. Generating income from your show can open doors for further growth opportunities, such as investing in better equipment, expanding your reach or collaborating with other industry professionals.

Fortunately, monetizing can be done in myriad ways and typically they’re quite simple to initiate.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to earning in no time.

Steps to be advertiser-ready and monetize your content

Once you have completed those steps, you are ready to receive advertising offers from Watch the following video for insights on why we require you to follow these steps.

Maximize your monetizing capabilities

The more dedicated your audience is, the greater the return on investment. Here are some quick tips to connect with your audience:

  • Get featured on Blubrry to expand your exposure to more apps and devices.
  • Stay consistent and keep a solid release schedule.
  • Use social networking to build your audience.

Additional monetizing opportunities with Blubrry

  1. Consider sharing an advertising sponsor with Blubrry to receive a 10% finder’s fee. We have way more inventory, which means that your 10% finder’s fee would most likely be bigger than keeping the advertiser on your own.
  2. If you are a network owner and do not want to be subject to the Blubrry Terms of Service you can subscribe to our network free Enterprise Podcast Statistics from RawVoice.

Podcasters who are part of the Blubrry community are under no obligation to participate in advertising campaigns.