The Power of Value4Value – PCI 331

We’re just learning the power of Value4Value for podcasters. Blubrry recently released this new RSS feed feature and we are excited to see where it leads for podcasters. Todd and Mike discuss how it works in details and some of the other Podcasting 2.0 tags released in PowerPress recently.

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Best Practice


Value4Value is more than a tech thing; it’s a way for your audience to support and interact with you and your show. It’s an alternative to advertising which can free you up to do things on your show that advertisers may disapprove of.

Setting up Value4Value is getting easier for both the podcaster and the podcast listener. As an example, here at Blubrry, we have partnered with Alby to make getting a wallet easier.

Check out more info here:

Here are the steps to set this up on your podcast with Blubrry.

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Fund your wallet over there
  3. In your Blubrry feed settings (PowerPress or Publisher) link your account to Alby in the Experimental tab
  4. Promote on your show that you are now V4V enabled
  5. Tell your listeners to check out a new podcast app over at

Blubrry News

  • PowerPress 9.10 is out. It has all the Podcasting 2.0 features that we have rolled out so far. 
  • If you’re headed to Podcast Movement Evolutions in March and would like to schedule a meeting with us, do so here.
  • Todd and Mike will be on the Podcasting 2.0 show with Adam Curry and Dave Jones tomorrow.  Check it out here or watch for a live notice in Podverse or Podcast Addict (you must subscribe to the show first).

Blubrry Pro Tip

AI, don’t think so

Question of the Week

Question: I’m using PowerPress for my feed and  want to switch to using Blubrry Publisher. Is this possible? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

Answer: Yes, this is possible. The disadvantage is that your feed will no longer come from your own domain. The advantage of this would be that you don’t have to worry about the functionality of your website to keep your podcast online.

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